Give Halifax, Winnipegs Stadium,

You’re right iceman. This guy is probably just putting down the CFL saying no one cares there because he knows Halifax couldn’t support a CFL team and won’t get one. Of course, he won’t put down the NHL on an NHL forum.
He’ll find out soon enough that the NHL thinks Halifax is nothing but a pimple on a horse’s rump and no matter what kind of arena they have, the NHL couldn’t care less about Halifax, except to take their money for ex games and that is it. At least the CFL I do think would look favourably on Halifax if they get the CG and a stadium.

the nhl doesnt care about halifax, why would the nhl move to halifax, the nhl needs to take care of their current markets first. Plus can anybody even afford nhl tickets in halifax, they struggle to even build decent facilities there, and hopefully they dont get the commonwealth games, because that city doesn't deserve squat, halifax is a boring town, its too small, its in the middle of no where, and no pro athlete would wanna waste his time there. The CFL has a hard time getting players to play in regina and winnipeg, what makes you think some guy and his family would want to move to halifax and be in the middle of nowhere.

See now you guys understand why I am pushing for a team in Milwaukee.

Wow, Iceman, who peed in your cornflakes?!?

There's a LOT more to putting a team in a city than just fan support. If it was just fan support, there wouldn't be 24 American NHL teams to 6 Canadian NHL teams. If it was just fan support, why does Florida have 2 NHL teams while Quebec has 1, why does California have 3 teams when Ontario only has 2, and why do Nashville, Atlanta and Carolina have teams, when Hamilton, Winnipeg and Quebec City don't?

Halifax won't get an NHL team before any of the above cities, plus Las Vegas, Houston, and Oklahoma City, have teams. And they do NOT play 4-6 NHL exhibition games there each year ...

Basically, that guy doesn't know what he's talking about. I agree with Earl, if all Haligonians (I think that's what they're called) are like that, then screw them, give a team to QC first. But I'm also sure that he represents a very small minority of people in Halifax.

I always thought that Halifax was gung ho about getting a CFL Team. It the Schooner fan club still around??? I remember that fan club got pretty big at one point.
I think Halifax may have the fan support but I dont think that they have the economics at this time.

I'm not sure the good citizens of Halifax would be thrilled with a recycled stadium even if it were feasible.

Baron, your idea is not only plausible, it also may be feasible. Winnipeg is the centre of rail transportation in the country with a line directly to the port in Churchill, from there it is a hop skip and jump from Hudsons Bay to the East coast and Halifax, the structure could be quite easily dismantled cheaply using the migrant work force who is up here every year weeding the vegetable crops, it could be shipped by rail to Churchill and barged out of Hudsons Bay to the Halifax, rail and ocean are still the cheapest forms for moving goods and migrant labour is virtually free by our standards.

Pigseye, your transportation idea is interested but migrant labour???
You are right about being the centre of rail transportation and we are also the center of trucking transportation as well.
Rail should go straight to Halifax anyway shouldn't it?
Dismantling it wont be cheap though.

I am from the west, living in Nova Scotia now. If you are from the west it is hard to understand how freakin' fast things rust here. I would think special materials would have to be used out here. If you leave a screwdriver outside overnight, even if it does not rain, there will be rust on int.


Dont worry guys, he is not even close to representing the average Haligonian (yes thats what we're called). For some reason, the negative thinking people are very vocal here. There is alot of bashing of our Commonwealth Games bid here, but still over 80% of the province supports it.

I agree that we wont get an NHL team. But I think we can support a CFL team. There are enough fans here.

Well I hope to see a team in Halifax very soon.
I am sceptic as I said before, but I will hope for the best for you guys.