Give Halifax, Winnipegs Stadium,

It may sound a little far had to beleave but there could be some realism in this but…

If Winnipeg were to get a new stadium, can the steal frame and whatever else gets salvaged be donated to Halifax if they cant affored a new stadium.

As funny as it may sound, but alot of old building material can be recycled and re-used.
Plus all those fairly new seats would be of good use too.
When they demolished the old Winnipeg Arena , Winnipeg sold the score board to Copps Coliseum in Hamilton.

Remember, this is assuming that Halifax does not get the games and does not build a new stadium as a result.
I think with some possibility it could save Halifax a couple Million dollars if they used what Winnipeg could give them.

Any thoughts?

it would probably be more expensive to salvage and move an old stadium than to just build new with a few exceptions such as a high price scoreboard.

well Winnipeg stadium does have two scoreboards.

Ive always thought the league dropped the ball when it came to purchasing seats, scoreboards etc. from other stadiums in N. America. However entire stadiums are another matter all together

beer baron, i think you need to slow the intake of beer if you think winnipeg has two legitimate scoreboards. the one in the south endzone may be worth donating to a local highschool but no proteam would want it.

I wondered something along the same lines a few years ago when Toronto demolished Exhibition Stadium. Perhaps the seats could have replaced the bench seats at Ivor Wynne.

It would be very very expensive to take a down a stadium piece by piece and still be able to use the steel for another stadium.

Seats and the scoreboard could be used though.

C-way I think you may be onto something.
My local community hockey arena purchased the old CNE Exhibition stadium two piece 9blue in colour) including a backing chair for like $1 per and installed same in the rink and is still in use.

Your right, no local pro team would want that scoreboard, but it could be used temporally until Halifax could afford their own.
Score boards are extremly expencive and I would rather all the expansion money used to first finaince a team in Halifax. Then onces thats secured, then a new score board can come into play.
As far as I am concerned, the costs of moving some of the parts to Halifax wont be that bad.
Remember we are only hoping to send them what we can save. Those steal beams are solid and still can be used.

Here is a closer picture to show that it could be possible to take give Halifax parts of Winnipeg Stadium.

I would hate to be the one to try to put it back together again,lol


And here is the old score board that still works. Not the greatest, but it will do the job until they can afford their own.

[url=] ... arena2.jpg[/url]

.....baron, i applaud your enthusiasm but I must weigh into this discussion and tell you your idea is wishful thinking and has not a whim of chance to succeed....the costs to dismantle and move the stadium, all or vast amounts of it, would far exceed the costs of constructing a new one.....the logistics of the transport alone would be it possible? absolutely, is it feasible? nope.....

....the Winnipeg stadium, if and when it is replaced, will be demolished and the raw materials will be recycled through government encouraged LEED programs already in place....these recycling programs across the country see 95% of a building's demolition be diverted from landfills......the Halifax stadium, if and when it goes ahead, will be built from the ground up brand new, just like Commonwealth was........

Yes Red and while, you are correct.
It would be costly.
But the seats and the scoreboard are feasible.

close this thread

There's a rumor that the old New England Patriots scoreboard is stashed away somewhere in Halifax waiting for the Schooners to get their team back.

i heard an old elementary school in dartmouth is closing its doors and has an old chalk board. i think they plan to use that too.

Right on,lol
And we can use that old chalk board as our new CFL forum instead of this,lol

According to this poster from Sportsnet, no one cares about the CFL in Halifax:

"NHL in Halifax
Posted: 16-Nov-2006 10:33 AM Reply

I was just reading the Hockey Hearsay posts about new NHL teams in Canada and where they should be placed. I get the impression that many people who are not from Halifax (and likely have never been here) don't think that the city could support an NHL team. I would like to clear-up that misconception. If anyone took a look at the support that our junior team (The Mooseheads) gets and the success of the World Junior Championship here they would see the passion we have for hockey. We do not currently have an arena to support the team (although there has been a lot of talk about building one and it will be built if we are successful in our bid for the Commonwealth games) but the fan support is definately here. I think it would be very reasonable to assume that an NHL team here would get at least 14,000 to 15,000 fans at every game. I do realize that would make us a smaller market team but under the CBA with revenue sharing it would survive, and thrive. The referneces to unemployment rates and the inability to support a CFL team hold no water at all. Halifax is a very rapidly growing city and the inability to support a CFL team is not due to population or ability to afford the tickets it is simply that the citizens who live here, for the most part, do not care in any way about the CFL. You can not compare the CFL to a league that people live and breathe such as the NHL. Every preseason game that is played here (and we get 4-6 a year) sells out. I would absolutely love to see a team here, preferably called The Halifax Explosion, and I am safe in saying that a vast majority of the population here agrees."

Here was my response to him:

"Re: NHL in Halifax
Posted: 16-Nov-2006 2:04 PM Reply


Halifax has about as much chance of getting an NHL team as the North Pole does. Look, an NHL team is more presigious than an CFL team for sure and brings with it many more dates for games and therefore business to the city, I will admit as someone who eats and breathes the CFL, but Halifax has much better chances of getting a CFL team than NHL, even if no one cares about the CFL there as you say. The NHL would laugh at going to a city the size of Halifax, heck they laughed at going to Hamilton and this city and surrounding area has about 4 million people, a tad more than little Halifax.

So, sorry to burst your bubble but those are the facts. And quite frankly, as someone who really wanted to see Halifax get into the CFL, well, if no one cares as you say, maybe they shouldn't have a team. But tell me, what are you going to do with that 30,000-40,000 seat stadium you get if you get the Commonwealth Games? You're NFL chances would be worse than your NHL chances.

And if no one cares about the CFL, why did they pack Huskie Stadium for a CFL ex game a couple years back and add temporary seating?"

After re-reading that guys post, I hope Halifax doesn't get the CG and never gets a CFL team, they don't deserve one if he is a reflection of most of their citizens there.

getting 11,000 people in some cheap university stadium isnt considered a great feat Earl. Stop drinking the halifax/Tom Wright Kool-Aid. The CFL isnt going to Halifax.