Give Davis the ball if you want to win!!!

Why will the offence not include Troy Davis more. If you let him run the ball 10 to 15 times in the first half you can mix up the opponents defence. When you can then add the passing game which is successful you will put more points on the board. 400 yards passing is not getting it done. Add the run game and the points will come.

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15 carries, 91 yards. And he iced the game for us in the fourth Q.

We have to do this every game. And man.. run right side. Left site is HORRIBLE at opening holes. My man big Pat gets the job done. No hating on Big Pat either.

of course, it would be a lot easier to put the ball in Davis' hands more if the O-line wasn't so half-ass, but, IDEALLY, i think it should be about 65% pass/35% run

Why not run more? Edmonton and other teams have reasons not to run more. First, the CFL is a passing league because of limited 2-3 chances to get a first down. So teams are forced to rely more on higher average yards gained from the pass. Secondly, teams that fall behind in scoring tend to pass more to catch up. Teams in front have the luxury of killing time by running. Third, defenses normally can stop the run easier than a pass except under bad weather or quarterback.

I totally agree. He was named the Eskimos player of the game against Saskatchewan and that is only a sign of things to come ... if he gets the ball more. Also, I think the offensive line is on the rise and will start to play better.

Run to win, that is a requirement in the CFL. Will your coaches realize that? Doubt it...hell, we were lucky Buono relaized it, and he's one of the winningest coaches in the CFL.

Machokie...well, he's just an idiot, and the EE got lucky last year, becausee if you take their season play into account, they did not deserve the cup, Montreal did.

Hopefully, this season, the EE will find themselves on the outside looking in when the game comes to Winterpeg.