Give Credit to Machochia

I must tip my hat to the man and give him credit-- He is trying hard to improve this team—

He has already made some good pickups-- Picking up Randee Drew and Hunt were great pickups----

Then the trade for Byron Parker was brilliance-- Absolute brilliance----

This is what we need, our offense is slumping but has the possibility to get HOT and rip any team apart, especially if RAY IS ON–

The COLD ray which has been playing for about half of the season results in usuallly a lOSS-- Cold RAY when he is cold his receivers drop a lot of passes also–

The HOT RAY we can beat anyone, and he is unstoppable and will complete 10 or more passes in a row and ESKS look great-- Hot RAY makes good throws quicker and doesent hold on to the ball–

If we keep changing players eventually we will be better—

THe offense does not need any changes, we have talent as long as MAAN and STAMPS start catching the ball again-- And RAY if we get HOT RAY we are money in the BANK----

SO I like that fact and love HOT RAY-----

MACHOCHIA at least realized this D has to change and has made some good trades—

DREW and PARKER are great DB’s — Once they learn the sytem we are going to be dangerous on D–

Also put the guy in the lineup who was attacking players with a shovel? That is the kind of effort and tenacity we need on the D line-- If he is willing to beat other players with a shovel I think he deserves a start–

Also they should start Robinson and use him more, maybe as a receiver, a kick returner and a DB-- Also they should look at him at safety as his speed could be an asset there.

This is classic comedy, whether intentional or not. It's hard to tell, given that all of your other suggestions seem deadly serious.

Yeah, that’s one point I disagree with, as well. I’m all for showing a little fire in practice, but when you grab a shovel and head back to the field, your ass needs to be cut from the roster.

Agreed. I'd still like to know whether Cobra is actually serious or not. Hall looked amused afterwards when they interviewed him about it, which I found to be a bit strange. I did enjoy the fracas in Winnipeg the other night, though. Brown and Belli looked like they were enjoying themselves, too. Nothing will ever beat the Gass helmet discus throw, though.

Are we talking about putting a Shovel in the line up ? :lol: I agree we need that intensity on the Field , Maybe this will be the turning point in the Season.
Not sure where I heard it ,I think on the Radio they said Byron Parker was a QB , I thought what the heck would they trade for another QB? Then I read in the Papers this morning he is a DB , and by Cobras astute reporting sounds like he's a good one.
Maybe we need to bring in Maas when Ray is not performing in games , Reminds me of the last Grey cup we won.

Parker initially enrolled in Tulane on a college basketball scholarship and played on their team from 2001 to 2003. It was also in 2003 that Parker won the NCAA slam dunk competition. His slam dunking abilities were showcased in a 2005 CFL game at Molson Stadium against the Montreal Alouettes. Lined up as a wide receiver, Parker caught a 42-yard touchdown reception and celebrated by dunking the ball over the cross bar uprights. He also has a 43" vertical leap.

Parker is very good, just an athlete, a lot like Brad Robinson, just athletic guys who can play corner--

Hondo-- I was joking about the guy with the SHOVEL, but at the same time, if he is showing that kind of ANGER I think he does deserve a start, if he is willing to beat a teammate with a shovel, that is the kind of player we need to sack BURRIS and blast through the CGY O line--

I would rather have a player who blasts through the O line than a player who is lazy and doesent get upset and hyper at the other team----

Edmonton has just gotten a lot better at defensive back-- With Robinson and hopefully DREW and PARKER all starting with GOSS or KEYES and GORDON at safety this UNIT willl be fast and athletic and be good--

Start the Shovel Guy also, he earned it with his antics, we need EFFORT on the D line and that guy at least seems to want to HURT someone, hopefully we can get him to hurt the opposition QB.

The Guy with the Shovel wasn't AJ Gass was it? we sure miss his Intensity Our LB's havn't been the same since he left. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning: