Give Cauley a chance

I'd like to see Terry Cauley back in the line-up. He's versatile and could help on special teams. Having him and Cobb in the backfield would present some new options.

MB seems enamored with James and Currie, but they haven't really distinguished themselves while Cauley is an established talent. I hope he gets a chance and I hope Prechae comes back soon.

McDaniel is a keeper.

Not necessarily in the backfield together...but, why is it that when Caulley started, Tre Smith backed him up and returned kicks.....? Why not dress both Caulley and Cobb and let them return kicks. Our kick returns have gone from okay to bad. Cobb was a star returner in College. Caulley has world class 100 yard speed. They can spell each other off. It isn't like we exactly over work our RB anyway...

I woud love to see Cobb return a was his speciality...

Good point why is it that tre Smith doesn't return kicks??????????????or Cobb?????????

Where is Keith ? Man he's been off a long time ? Any updates?

Cobb is starting to show that he's been out of football for a few years. It's normal he's a rookie. MIght not be a bad idea to get Cauley or Keith in there and let Cobb catch up.

Put them both in together. Cobb can line up as a SB or RB in a 2 HB formation. Be creative for goodness sake. What we are doing isn't working

I believe Cobb would be valuable as a kick returner too. Our current returners haven't done much lately. Also, take out the two BC games and one play during the Edmonton home victory, and Cobb hasn't done much either.

Re: Kick/punt returns. We have absolutely no blocking on returns. I don't know if it's the overall scheme, us trying to block the punts, or if teams have been able to counter us too easily, but our kick returning the past few games has been atrocious. It also seems, for some reason, that our returners cannot seem to be able to actually field a kick properly. I've said it before, and I'll say it again - ANY returner that we get MUST be tied to a chair with his eyes taped open, and be forced to watch 24 hours of both Gizmo and Winfield (Praise Be His Name) returning kicks.

As to having both backs in the game - I'm all for it.

I'm already on record as saying we should play Cobb and Caulley in the same backfield and I'll reiterate that statement now. It would give us an improved running game and both of these guys can catch passes, particularly Cobb.

As far as Keith goes, I'm also on record of saying, "dump him as soon as its convenient." Injuries that take as long as his to heal are not likely to ever heal completely

We don't Roster Spot to start both Running Backs.
Why Because we use an All Import D-Line.
we don't have a Real good Canada D-lineman at the Tackle Spot.

As for KK he back on 9 game and May not be back in Ticat Jersery Again.
I see him Being Cut in the off-season

Before we start on who should be in the backfield, we need to tell the OC to actually run the ball early in games to establish the run.

Drisan James out....Caulley in....


Is there anyone else out there that wants Terry Cauley back in the line-up or is it just me?

I don't that will happen any time soon

I also want to give caulley a chance

i would definetly try it , but between Caulley and Keith - isn't one expected 2 be injured all year ?? I would try all 3 on the active player roster, hopefully sooner then later..

Why not? When Caulley played, Smith played.
Cobb has the best credentials as a returner of anyone on the team, and he hasn't even been given one return all year?
With both dressed, it would give us the chance to use them in all situations and not over use them. (Not that's there's any danger of that, the way our OC ignores the run on most nights anyway)

I think Caulley is a better back than Cobb -- who might do better in the slot or catching passes in the backfield. Both are talented but not being able to run on first down (and poor blocking) is killing us.

8) To get Cobb and Caulley in the same backfield, you have to drop an import starter somewhere
 else.  Where would you prefer that to be ??  Def. Line, with Matt Kirk starting, Off Line, by benching 

 Dan Goodspeed, Linebacker, by starting Mariuz, or Wide Receiver position ??

 Keith is not just recovering from an injury, he is recovering from major knee surgery, and is unlikely

 to even play again this season.

I would dress Caulley as the DI and drop Drisan James before he drops another ball.....(I didn't suggest both in the backfield together at the same time)

Yep. This team doesn't run the ball. The token six running plays per game isn't going to cut it. What's the use anyway - this O-line doesn't run block. That could be due to the pathetically low number of running plays, it takes some time to get everything clicking on running plays. The offense has become very one-dimensional and predictable.

Did anyone think we'd beat the ALs with the short passing game all day? It's worked against lesser teams but the ALs shut it down from the start. There was no mystery. They knew exactly what to do - take away the short passes, pin your ears back and bull rush the QB. Not very complicated.

I thought this team would lean on the run a little bit once we saw what Cobb can do when given the chance. Instead they put so much pressure on Porter to do it himself with a vanilla passing game. The games when Porter has looked his best have been when he is supported by the running game.

I would like to see Caulley in there as well. I think he's a more powerful back than Cobb and may be able to break the defense down when they crowd the box, Cobb doesn't seem to do as well in those situations. So, what to do about the ratio? I would like to see Matt Kirk start on the d-line. He's as good as anyone playing there now. Cobb on kick returns is something I've been waiting to see all year.