...Give Brink a shot...

Just too much pressure on the kid, he had time to throw and made the right reads, just couldn't get the ball there, and when he did, the receiver dropped it. He looked very tight as did the rest of the team, once the game was out of reach they appeared to loosen up and start making plays. Momentum I would say was the deciding factor.

You go to a young player making his first start, hand them the ball and say a win today is our last gasp for a playoff spot, lose and we're out, good luck kid, don't screw it up. Then you see he has poor zip on the ball for almost 3 full quarters of football, his receivers were dropping the ball on the odd throw he got it in there, and is being greeted by booing as he walks of the field. As a HC, if you've seen him perform better in practice then you should realize he's dealing with nerves and is struggling, you MUST pull him to save his confidence. If this is how he performed in practice, as a HC you should have enough sense to realize he's not ready and put him in the game to begin with. Whether the decision to start Brink was made by LaPo or Mack he should have been pulled at the half. You can say rookie coach this rookie coach that, but lets face it LaPo has been an OC for a while in this league, he should know better. As for Brink, chin up there kid, you were put in a tough spot. Keep working at it, it takes a while for most QBs to become successful in the CFL. Keep putting in the work and be ready for your next shot.

Bang on correct.

Unless the coach wants to stick it to his boss to assure he never again meddles...

wouldnt appear to be Lapos M.O.

highly unlikely mack said to go with brink also. just dont buy it, ppl are trying to start the circus, trying to stir the crap when there is none to stir..

as for brink.. gotta feel for the kid, i was at the game, wasnt one of the ones booing as i kinda understand its unlikely that a rookie qb is gonna come in first career start and light it up.. he looked nervous,timid, a little hesitant, he didnt get much help from his oline or receivers, didnt throw any int's.. made the right read alot of times, just couldnt get it to the receiver.. ralphs drop on one of his first passes probably didnt help the guys confidence either, not to mention the booing.. ppl can say they were booing lapo but 'we want jyles" imo, means well we want jyles. felt bad for brink cuz he's a good kid, he's got skills but he was fed to the wolves really on thanksgiving day.. the wolves being the winnipeg fans. they gave him no chance really, 2 mins in, the boo birds started.. then ppl wonder why we havent developed a qb of our own in years.. ages, ions really... its cuz most fans lack patience. they should have let brink start his first game on the road... cuz the vultures in wpg are just too much... did he play well? nah, did he play awful.. not really.. did he make rookie mistakes? u bet, did he throw the ball into the stands when noone was open instead of forcing it into doublle coverage or taking a huge loss.. yup sure did. u can see brink has what it takes, he just lacks experience and the fans booing 2 mins in.. didnt help. i was there.. about mid way early 4th about 8000 ppl left.. the minute those 8000 left, the booing stopped.. the atmosphere in the stadium went from negative to a more positive we'll cheer for u regardless type vibe.. bombers must have picked up on it cuz the moment the booing and the 8000 bandwagon fans left they started playing better. its just odd.. i said to my buddy while ppl were leaving.. u know.. they are gonna win right. he said.. i know. they did. didnt really expect it to happen but gotta beleive in the cfl anything can happen. illl never forget cheering and high fiving and hhugging really random ppl in our section after the beasley int.. and ill never forget standing there in the stands looking at polo park and about 5000 ppl just standing there watching cuz.. well... they left the game too early. LOL. it was just quite the sight... i guess history is brink started, jyles came in and finished and we won!!