...Give Brink a shot...

....Before anyone gets on me for wanting a change from Jyles, I'm going to say I think it's time to have a good look at this kid...Let's see what he brings...I'm not going to go down the neg. road about the team, i'm looking at this move as a progressive one.....I know we are not mathematically eliminated but the realist in me is saying 'the fat lady is about to sing'...I don't want to delude myself anymore about a successful 2010.....soooooooo Let's see what we got in the bullpen...Brink needs the reps. and he does show promise...AND for cripes sake...I hope someone can get through to Lapo that Watson is a better option than Ralph...Get this guy in the line-up and get him some playing time....The Bernard situation should be addressed and if they're trying to move Bowman....DO IT or get off the pot...This club needs to lay some solid foundation for next year and it's time to make some tough decisions or meander along with this mess going into a new year....We have to look at it like t.c. has started early..I know we are not totally out of it but after last nights game the writing on the wall has been illuminated considerably :wink:

Yeah, I say we pull the plug on the season and start thinking about that top draft pick(s) next spring.

I agree for the most part however we need to play every game to win as this time needs to learn how to win might as well start next game If Jyles gives us the best chance than Jyles should play … I would like to see Brink however.

Brink...LOL last year there was a couple backups that were talked about as the future of the club...let me see, Bramlet etc etc, the list is long.

Brink will be only a memory next year at this time, and a faint one at that. Like some unheard of no name kid is going to fall into your hands and develop into the next Flutie.

Bombers need to leave the QB development to someone else, and go after a CFL experienced starter. Next year will be another rebuilding year, prior only to the following rebuilding year if you go in the direction of a brink. Who is going to be the HC next year? and will he be the HC past mid season if it`s not a new one?

bold prediction maybe your right maybe not as for the leaving the QB developement to some one else I assume that means another team. We dont know what Brink can do because he has hardly played so the idea of seeingwhat he can do under the right circumstances makes sense ... maybe he is next flutie maybe he is gone next year . Unlesse he gets some reps in game how are you ever going to know.

...yes Mr. Wonderful....i've witnessed a few qbs. come and go recently HOWEVER when they went they at least had a shot ...(except for Santos and DiMichelle)...I was never impressed with Jyles from the day we signed him...Sulky attitude after Buck was signed among other things...He has acquitted himself quite well since but he seems to lack something...Can't put my finger on it...maybe it's just that he reminds me of a lot of career back-ups...never really a winner on his own....He's 28 and you'd think he'd have enough savvy at the position by now to secure the no 1 spot...Buck will be back next year...His health issues are a concern so we need a solid back-up IF we stick with Jyles...Brink should get some reps....We'll never know what he has ,sitting on the bench or running third down sneaks....Mack was very high on this guy and he has brought in some good talent this year....I'll trust his judgement on this one....Brink should get a shot.. :wink:

.....don't mean to make light of it but after the esks. win today we are officially the cellar dwellers and that top draft pick is getting closer every passing week :roll:

Once all the mathematical possibilities are exhausted, which isn't far off, then give Brink a start.

What Jyles is lacking is inexperience. He's got the second best QB rating in the league in his first year as a starter. I'd like to see Brink, but not yet. Once we're officially eliminated, give him a start or two.. and no more than that. Jyles needs the development time too. Doesn't matter if you're 28 when you've only started like ten games in your life. I do really, really like Brink though.

Completely agree on Watson/Ralph.

I don't think there's ever a significant difference from #1 - #3 on draft day. Tanking for #1 would be a bad move.

Nope, disagree. You need to develop a quarterback and you need to find ways to win games, even if the season is at a loss. Right now that man is still Jyles. He hasn't played himself off the starter position right now, so you keep giving him the valuable reps. He needs to learn to play game in and game out. I think Brink only gets snaps if a game is out of reach or if Jyles gets hurts. I abhor any notion of lets tank the season to get the first spot in the draft. We're headed there anyway so why purposely try to lose games? What message does that send to players on the team, potential free agents, or other players you try to sell on coming up to try out for your team? I think BC has hurt themselves with their rotating door of QBs. And really Lulay? He made plays on one series after the pick in the 2nd half. What else did he do all game? Edmonton has also hurt themselves earlier this year with their rotating in of Zabransky to spell off Ray. Kills any chance of building momentum for the starter when he's always looking over his shoulder. And what has Zabransky really done, aside from run with the ball with his happy feet. The only reason they have better records IMO is better or more experienced coaching.

The WBB have an OC but LaPo made it clear at the start of the season he'll be calling the plays on gameday. Methinks the rookie head coach has taken on too much responsibility, a la Mike Kelly last year. Kelly decided he was gonna have his hand in too many areas and all those areas struggled. Let's face it, the defense of late has played quite well overall. The offense needs to find consistency, which may come with TJH back in and as Carr gets more experience. But they also need more killer instinct. They either start conservatively and fall behind and need to play catch up. In the odd chance they get a lead like vs BC and MTL they lift their foot off the gas and play too conservatively, playing not to lose, and let the other team back in. I think that has to lay at the feet of LaPo. IMO NO first year coach should be allowed to oversee more than his HC responsibilities. You have an OC, let him be an OC 7 days a week, not 6 days a week and then you take over on game day. Only 1 general.

I think I'm with Wolverine this time. Jyles has shown flashes, and I think he really needs game time to show whether he can ever produce more than that. Split it up between Jyles and Brink, and neither one really has time to develop much in the remaining games.

I wish I could see a pattern in all this. We hold Toronto to 17 points and lose because we can't score; so we score 40 against Montreal (!) and lose because we can't hold them below 44; then we hold BC to 16 points and lose because we can't score.

I do think LaPo deserves a second year considering the wreckage Kelly left behind, but he certainly needs to work on late-game tactics at least.

I really don't see what they have to lose by starting Brink, Jyles isn't being pushed by onyone right now, maybe he steps up his game ?

Actually, I don't think there is anything wrong with Jyles.

The numbers speak for themself,

Home 3 - 3, average 38.2 points/game

Road 0 - 7, average 16.6 points/game

This team is just offensively illequiped for some reason when playing on the road this year. You have to put that on coach Lapo and Baressi.

jyles has been in the league for 5 years... warming benches and learning the game... he's had a start or 2 in the past b4 he got here.. and he's making the same mistakes today as he did back then. im with papazoola on this one.. he lacks something that every qb needs to have, i want to say leadership. if he doesnt have it after 5 years, he's not gonna find it anytime soon. who knows, maybe brink show's he's better after 1 career start than jyles has shown in 8 or 10 career starts.. who knows.. what u have is an unknown vs a guy lapo and the coaches have seen the last 3 seasons... maybe they really feel that jyles isnt the answer and they want to see if maybe brink is.. its a 5 year cfl career backup vet vs the year 1 rookie...

if the rookie pulls out the win... if the rookie even plays decent.. 60 percent pass completion, protects the ball and we win...

if brink goes 15 or 40 for 110 yards and a td and we win.. well, he got the job done. stats and qb ratings dont equal wins..

2 weeks ago.. lemon threw for 90 yards and beat jyles and his qb rating cuz we couldnt score 20 friggin points, last week lulay a 2nd year rookie starter really... beat the 5 year vet because the 5 year vet couldnt put up 20 points again. chances chances, hhow many chances are u gonna give a guy (jyles) who has shown that he will make the same dumb play or the same fumble the same time every game... blame the play calling sure but i doubt the play call was throw it 50 yards downfield into double coverage... remember that game in calgary? jyles went to the end 3 times when all we needed was 10 yards.. lapo said the week after that only 1 play was called to throw it to the endzone, the 1st down play. the others werent but jyles went to the endzone anyways.. that was weeks ago... after that game jyles said he will learn from that mistake but then flash forward... does pretty much the same thing last week by going into double coverage to ralph.. sure at that point it wasnt for the game but pretty mmuch was the turning point. jylles might have a good qb rating but.. that dont mean crap cuz lemon has a terrible one and the argos are 7-7.

....Brink experiment over.....He was given a fair shot and showed he needs A LOT OF WORK... :wink:

I'll say. . . if his only problem had been a lack of ability to properly read CFL defences, then you could put that down to a lack of CFL experience.

But if his problem was missing open receivers, and that WAS a major problem for him, that's got nothing to do with experience, or lack thereof. That's a mechanical problem that should have been noticed in practice. . . and if it wasn't a problem in practice, was it just nerves?

Agreed. Guy couldn't even complete simple intermediate passes to wide-open receivers, let alone read the field properly. Back to the clipboard for Brink. Jyles is the starter as long as the Bombers have a chance for a crossover spot.

Brink should have been yanked at the half ! It was obvious he was struggling with no hope of getting back on track !

Have to go with the nerve thing...I realize the NCAA is a different game, but if it was a mechanical problem, I doubt he would have had the success he did in college.

I think it was largely nerves but he definitely needs some work, and LaPo kept him in waaaaaay too long.

Its done... and the team managed a win in spite of the decision. Rookie coach is going to make some mistakes, the positive is that Jyles has strenghtened his position with the club. As weird as it seems the worst thing would have been Brink coming with a middle of the road performance and creating doubt as to who the #1 QB is in Winnipeg.