Give Brady a Chance!

I have nothing against Calvillo, i think he is a great quarterback, but with the way Brady played in his absence it's only right that he be given a chance for the top job.

I hear you.

I've always been a Brady fan....

The Als went 3-7 with Brady.
Brady will get his chance but AC has a few years left!

The Als went 3-7 with Brady?

What did I miss?

ro, Brady didn't start 10 games last year.....

Yes you are right....
I was counting from the win over BC, Brady's first start but I forgot that AC came back for a few games. I think it was more like 1-3 or 1 and 4 including the playoff loss.

A must for the Als administration is the development of younger QB’. The BC Lions and Sask Riders have been examples that this development approach is the way to go!!!

BC yes but SSK?
Their only cup win was with a 34 year old QB who they traded to get!
And to be honest…how much developing would BC have done if DD was not always hurt?

Like RO said "forced development" anyway pretty much how Brady got to play too last season.

What Trestman is doing is smart. He has four weeks to implement a new offence, so spending two weeks of camp playing around with the QB pecking order is gonna slow down the assimilation of the timing and execution.

So you have an 11 year vet who is established. You give him the ball. If by mid-season things aren't going well for Calvillo because of his own game going downhill then Brady will get his opportunity.

Anyway Brady dosen't seem too worried, time is on his side and he has a pretty good idea of how things are gonna go down...

QB actually is the least of my worries for this season. With Brady and Joshua Harris backing up AC, this is the best stable of QBs we have had in a long long time.

The question is can we win jthe battles on the line of scrimmage. That will tell the tale of the Als season.

Precisely. We need a upgrade at MLB and we need a deep threat receiver to stretch opposing defences, but the #1 priorities have to be the O and D lines.

We gave up way too many sacks last year, and we didn't get nearly enough sacks of our own. That has to be addressed or nothing else will really matter when all is said and done.

:thup: Top man for the job needs to be able to feed the world!

We’re talking about the ability to sustain +/- a dozen sacks a game, and then discuss it with the grace of a confident winner.

Your leader needs experience at several levels of your operation...not just the play book! R

I find Brady more of a backup QB than anything. When he came in last year as starter, he wasn't really anything special, in my opinion. The only thing, is that he was elusive, and was able to escape pressure which he had 9 of 10 plays.

When he came in against BC, no one had game film of this guy and didn't know what to expect. He played great. The he played against Edmonton and couldn't do anything, and Edmonton's defense last year was far from being "Strong". He beat Calgary's Defense, but who didn't? He looked good against Winnipeg in the the Quarter-Final. He had his moments, I don't really know what to expect from him yet.

I guess he needs more playing time, but if I were to grade him, I'd give him a 6 on 10.

But that's my opinion of course.

6 out of Ted White doesn't he?

No argument there Madjack. Ted White was a great guy, and I tried so hard to defend him and make excuses for him, but I couldn't. I'm not sure if he was ever good, or was just experimenting with him.

Nonetheless, he was great to the football organisation, Hochelaga Archers.

Back on topic, 60% is a passing grade. I'm glad to have Brady on the team, he is exciting and it was so different and weird to see that our QB's legs added a threat to opposing Defenses. All though Anthony's scrambling is incredibly UNDER-RATED, he could and never would match Brady's wheels.

Your right, BC had no footage on Brady to analyze. I remember one of the announcers commenting that Brady's arm looked suspeciously like our leader Sir AC. But you can't deny Brady's stellar comeback against Winnipeg last year..Warrior of the game?

With a very new head coach for the team, city and league, can we afford to have a new QB too? My opion is to save Sir AC's brain and put him as Offensive Coach... working to build the entire QB team, and continuing to participate at all the other levels of the organization he now PR,sales, community functions, etc.

should have ac mentor brady and harris so we hav great options wen he retires or if he gets injured.

Exactly. Like I said earlier, this is the best depth at QB than we have had in many many years.

Everyone is forgeting Proctor. Many of the players think he's the next "GUY"...

Well we're not exactly "forgetting" can't forget someone you've never seen play.

Anyway, if AC retires and we have Brady, Harris, and Proctor, we'll be fine.

The one everyone IS forgetting is Brad Banks, and that's as it should be I think, I can't see him lasting much beyond training camp.