Give Bob a Break

I was at the Labour Day game. No question, it was the lowest point in Ti-Cat history.

For most of this season the players, coaches and owner have been like men struggling through a nightmare.

However, as bad as things are, remember the following:

  1. The Ti-Cats have the best owner in recent memory. He brings financial stability and common sense to a troubled franchise.

  2. The owner admits he made the mistakes of a "rookie owner". He is right. That was exactly the problem. And what were his biggest mistakes? Hiring Greg Marshall, and keeping him too long. However, what a well-intentioned mistake! He took a leap of faith and hired a Canadian, a local boy. You have to love a guy who gives a Canadian a big chance like that. The problem was, Marshall didn't have relevant experience, and he wasn't up to the job. Unfortunately, he won Coach of the Year, which led to the compounded mistake of keeping him on longer than he should have been, when doubts about his ability became more and more apparent.

  3. Bob Young's staff made a number of acquisitions in the off-season that should have made this a winning team. Even with coaching issues and injuries, this team should have been able to win more games. No one can explain why this group of players have lost heart and folded their tents, but that is what happened.

The real tragedy is that the good will and excitement Mr Young created on the marketing/administrative side of the team has been hard hit by the atrocious on-field product. With all the effort that has been put into the team, the owner deserved a better result.

  1. The management level of this team is not in turmoil. The francise is not directionless. This owner will get it right in the end. But it is going to take longer to get there than it should have.

A few specific thoughts on personnel:

  • Mr Maas has lost his confidence. He should regain it with a different team.
  • Fleming can't be depended on in the crunch. Ti-Cats need a dependable kicker.
  • Barranechea is like Marshall - a Canadian who regrettably is not up to the job. We need a first-rate player for middle linebacker.

The night is not over, but the dawn is coming!

Mr Young's mistake was the GM position and allowing Lancaster to stay on after he fired him LAST year. We'll never know whether Marshall was a mistake because he was never given the job. Everything was run by committee. Can't work that way and Mr Young has rightfully admitted the mistake by hiring a real GM and giving him REAL authority

I agree. It was a bit too weird for my taste.

I agree Bob Young is a great owner who is human.He made mistakes like everyone else does in life,and he is trying to fix them.....Hats off to you Mr.Young,the greatest owner ever......

However I think Fleming is a reliable kicker who is coming into his own....unlike any of the other players on the team...

I agree with everything you said except to get rid of Maas. If he can overcome his injuries, he can play in this league.

I'll add too that Boreham isn't reliable enough in the crunch. Your receivers have not only given up, they aren't good enough (where's your Stegall, Simon, Cahoon, Bruce...?) Your O-line needs an upgrade. Hitchcock as good as he was is past it.

An Argo fan

bob,s taken one for the team,imo they had to play the old boys card,(paopao) but now that they are past that , let the rebuild begin., again :lol:

And in the CFL, things can turn around in one off-season. Keep the faith.

It’s too bad we couldn’t have gotten Jason Maas here as the backup, he would have been great in this role. This is where I think his head and heart lie, he neither wants to be first string nor has the leadership abilities to do so. But as the backup - dynamite I think.