Give Aways

I dont think anything else needs to be said about the performance on the field, this team is horrible, now the whole family experience is starting to suffer. Last night when we entered IWS (we were fairly early) the FREE Holmes plaque give aways were out at our gate, we asked at another gate if we could get one for my daughter(other gates had plenty), of course we were told they could only be given away at the gate you entered. What kind of crap is this, because we came in a popular gate my daughter is out of luck. I guess next time we go to each gate to find out if the have any FREE GIVEAWaYS left. This definetely left a damper on our Family experience. If you ask me when you put such a poor product on the field you had better make it up in other ways, this sure didnt do it for me.
From my daughter and me, thanks for nothing

I feel your pain and daughter's disappointment.

However, I think the logical reason you would be denied at the second gate is to avoid having people do this to scoop up 3 or 4 plaques by going to 2 or 3 gates after receiving their initial plaque at the gate they entered. Unfortunately there are people out there who would try something like this.

I understand the reasoning, but since other gates still had many of them something could have been done to rectify this, it was stated that the first 1000 fans would get these plaques, we could have been within the first 100 and still not got one because we entered at a popular gate, I dont care about the reasoning, this is not right. If this would have been for me I could care less, this is for a 12 year old, and we know that a signed picture is something to show off. Stop defending what is wrong and support what is right, it is because of supporters like you that things will remain the same. You obviously didnt have a disappointed child last night.

Dont worry next game they are giving away tickets to the Argos.

Sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was defending what was wrong.

I think that the team could have planned the giveaway better through historical analysis showing which gates were more "popular" and distributed the plaques accordingly. And if their guesstimates were incorrect, and a gate ran out before the others, have some way to restock that gate, with the excess at the others, to avoid disappointing 12 year old girls.

2 weeks ago it appeared that each gate along beechwood had approx. 150 or 6 boxes of plaques each to distribute, It appeared that on the beechwood gates they reduced this total to 100 or 4 boxes of plaques. If you had arrived before the gates opened you would have noticed the the beechwood gates line ups were thin, you just had to walk an extra few minutes.

Signed, A happy Plagues Owner. Even though the cats lost during the 2 give-away games our crowd had a good time going to the games.

I'm glad my tickets for last night were giveaways or else I'd be asking for a refund.

I sure would'nt pay $92 for the pair.

Your experience is the same as I had when we went down early for the towel giveaway. I believe there were 15K given out and arriving an hour before they were already gone. I haven't bothered going early since. Or, in fact, for last night's game even at all. Phew was I lucky. Had I gone, I would have been eating 2 for 1 wings at Chaps before they even left the field in disgrace at the end of the 4th. On second thought they hit that lofty status by the end of the second :<((((

Hopefully I haven't fumbled something here in my comments.

Im a happy plaque owner of both Jason Maas and Corey Holmes, as well as a towel owner. If your going to complain about a promotion that was free put on by the good graces of the organization, cry me a river princess seriously. Boo-hoo my 12 yearold didnt get a plaque. So did alot of other kids. There was only 1000 of them and its first come first serve. Complain all you want. Maybe you should take a little initative and get there early. Seriously its a plaque buddy. They didnt hang around and wait for you specifically. And for your knowlegde i got there at quarter to 6 and still there were some available.

a Proud owner of a Maas plaque, Holmes plaque and a Tigercat towel.

You should read my original post then reply again if you wish, the problem was there were plenty of plaque left, just not at the gate we entered at, we arrived at 5:40 (5 min earlier then you) and didnt receive one, what was it you said first come fisrt serve? I was just pointing something out, didnt ask you to go all Rambo on me, but if it makes you feel better feel free to offend more
Have a wonderful day

Which gate was it?

i dunno the name but its the one that opens out onto that street facing Barton. Its on the north side

I dont know but if you look at the seating chart it is by sect 8-9. Sorry I dont know the name of the gates but if you show me a diagram I can tell you. You can see the gate from Subway on Barton

Yah it was the one below section 8-9 i believe

By any chance are you 12 as well, you seem to be very immature in your posts. This guy has just posted a comment to the team and you seem to have a problem with this. I had the same experience last night (although not at that gate). Things could be planned better. You seem to be here for one reason, to disrupt. I dont recall him asking your opinion and you ARE ALLOWED to not make a stupid comment.

The solution would be to have 27,000 plaques on hand. Seriously, after you make the 1st one, the cost of production per plaque drops to zip. The majority of the cost of these things is in the initial design and jigging up for production. After that, it's just turning the crank to churn 'em out. It would be worth it for the PR value alone since the on-field product is so poor.

man, it's not like Holmes would've had to sign all 27,000 (not that he's been all that busy this season).

An Argo fan

Dear ______ ,

My instinct tells me that for few short minutes you experienced a feeling of importance.

Fill in the blank
a) Coward
b) Bully

I think this talk about give aways is over the top, it is a shame if you were there early and didn't get one but let's face it, the real problem is on the field, who show's up for the promotions???

kids. Its a shame that they get stiffed due to incompotence

There certainly was no shortage of 10$ mini TC dolls at any of the gates as I wandered around the stadium for the hour prior to kickoff.

Balsam gate was out of free lineup cards at 6:40 as well.