Give a big pat on the back for the BC Lions.

I went to the game September 4th. And wow.. They played really good, best game yet! Mallet, what an amazing game for him, he made the club record! And Jarious Jackson, he played awesome, he deserves starter QB, his throw completion was 17 for 30, his throws were spot on except one or two that were a TINY bit overthrown, and Paris Jackson couldn't catch his one perfect throw. when right through his arms, he just got unlucky lol. But JJ completed over half. Our defense finally played like a BC Lions defense! They were amazing, sack by sack they got Montreal's QB. And congratulation Wally for being tied for most winning-est coach in the CFL. And our Offense line gave our QB some long protection for once! And finally, Geroy Simon got a few throws! Now that is the BC Lions team we are use to watching! They played excellent. If they keep playing like this, I think we got a shot at the Grey cup. Great job BC Lions!

Great game indeed! It was nice to see people sticking around to the end of the game. Not just that, people had a good reason to stick around until the end of the game!

Yea what a great game. I’m happy with the support still in such a slow start. I think things will be a lot better here on out.

[b]I hate to admit it but I missed the big win against the Alouettes. I took the family to the PNE instead and watched Gypsy Kings; they put on a absolutely tremendous show.

Mallett and Arcenceaux got the touchdowns but it was our O-line and front seven on D that really won it for us. Kudos to Jarius Jackson for his best-managed game here as a pro. He's added to his big play ability and solid running by doing things now that he hasn't in the past, like finesse throws and multiple reads. Well done, JJ! That's the way to lead this offense.

I wonder what we have to do to get Geroy going. It might be worthwhile to give him a start outside and move Arcenceaux inside, just to free him up and get him some touches outside the numbers.

Dooger in Surrey 8)[/b]