Girls playing tackle football

for some reason, this kind of bothers me a little

I don't like for any athlete to get hurt, but it just bothers me more to think of young girls getting major knees injuries or concussions.

I don't see how it's any different than young boys getting major knee injuries or concussions.

I guess it comes from the old fashioned idea of men protecting women. Women and children (and Doug Flutie) first to safety, etc.

Of course, I don't like to think of anyone getting hurt, but that's not what I think when I read this story. I just think of the positives of growing the sport and increasing the opportunities for girls to play a great sport.

good positives, but I still would be more comfortable if they stuck to tag or flag.

if it works for them, all the better, but …

I wonder if the rates of injury are any different in girls' football compared to boys'.

On the one hand, if girls are weaker they might not be able to withstand hits as well as boys. On the other hand, they might not hit as hard as the boys, thus causing fewer injuries. Or does it even out? Or are they just as tough at hitting and receiving hits?

One just needs to read about women in the Olympics and realize how archaic the idea is that women can't do every sport I would say a man can do, maybe not at the same speed or strength or that but there are a lot of tough women out there as we know. But, that being said, I know where you're coming from FYB and I myself, in a deep part of my brain still has a bit of thinking that women should be just women and stick to non-contact types of recreational pursuits. But this is just an archaic archetype that still resides in my brain cells at least to a small degree, I guess.

Women don't need "our" protection in these situations. It's equality and access they need. If they can play... let them.

I don't care what year it is, I would never date a football player !

Not even one from the LFL?

she might punt him

You might not get out of a wrestling match alive with some of those gals I’d say. :wink:

We are all equal. Let them play and take the same knocks boys always have