Girard Retirement

Well this loss will affect the Cats draft in May. Suddenly we need a backup centre/long snapper who could also fill in at guard and even emergency Dline. Girard and Revenberg represented the TiCat future and things looked very good.

Now we need another diamond in the rough and maybe that is a first rounder, instead of a good 4th, 5th or 6th rounder. Will this push the need for another Cdn receiver down in the draft? I'm looking forward to the draft, knowing that Tillman and Austin will throw some surprises our way. In Kent we trust! :smiley:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Every team in the league will be going after "O" linemen, if you look at the draft for the past few years the first rounders are mostly "O" linemen. Remember the Riders taking St. John last year, the first pick overall and then he sat out and refused to sign for the CFL minimum, then the Riders gave in and gave him a huge contract and he became one of the highest paid rookies ever.
Expect 4th or 5th round "O" linemen, just too few out there

Girard was a good player, but you don't want a player if his heart is no longer in it. Better to have a guy who wants to be here 100%.

Tillman will make the necessary moves to plug this hole. Remember, we can draft a kid, make a trade, or even sign a guy from another team when early or final cuts are made during training camp. Lots of options on the table at this very early stage.

Maybe Manziel's rights will be traded for Girard's eventual replacement.

Comme spécialiste des longues remises, Martin Bédard est agent libre. Il tente sa chance à se trouver un emploi dans la NFL, mais s'il n'y parvient pas, peut-être serait-il un candidat à considérer. Bédard est une horloge dans cette fonction.

If I'm Tillman I offer to trade our 4th (1rst) , 13th (2nd) and 39th (5th) picks, plus the neg list rights to any one of either Manziel , Kaepernick or Griffin to the Riders for their 2nd (1rst ) and 11th picks (2nd ) . This trade would be a win/win I feel for both sides . Outside of Winnipeg selecting Vandervoort with the 1rst selection overall . it would all but guarantee he would be available to us with the 2nd pick . We then would move up 2 spots from 13 to 11 in round 2 where we can hopefully select an O-Lineman . In exchange the Riders would be getting an extra draft selection to shore up their Canadian content and the rights of their choosing to one of our neg listed quarterbacks , whichever one they want of the three , it doesn't really matter which one they pick . Keep in mind that we traded up in last years draft to ensure that we had a shot at drafting Revenberg , so there is some precedence here for this type of Draft day transaction by the team .

A big loss IMO. Even though he wasn't a regular starter, he was certainly a quality backup - rather than the stopgap role most backups play. He played very well when Filer was hurt.

I think Manziel is the only QB with a reasonable chance of playing in Canada.
If he decides to play in the CFL he will be up for league MVP. I would stick with 4 and take our Mac receiver at this spot. If he is gone switch modes and select a O-Lineman at 4.
Canadian draft is too much of a crap shoot to give up such a potentially great player IMO.

Please remember that Girard was drafted in the 6th round as a DLineman and converted to the Oline.
He did a great job as a backup and filled in admirably at Center when Filer got hurt for 6 games.
Revenburg can move to Center in a pinch if needed to replace Filer because of an injury

We would be drafting an Olineman this year regardless.

There are 15 Olineman in this years draft according to this

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Never say never but I doubt Johnny football's ever coming north to play ball.

CPA vs CTE :thup:


Go away, troll!

I think there is little or no chance that any of those three QBs will ever consider coming to play in the CFL. If I were another team in the league, I wouldn't spend/ waste a draft pick for their negotiation rights. Maybe a fourth round pick for all three of them, but that's about it.

It is true that Matt Girard was a sixth round draft pick and his replacement could be selected in this year's draft. But I'm not sure if Revenberg or whoever the team brings in to replace Girard could play as well as Girard did at centre. Girard definitely did well at centre when Filer was injured, so he gave us depth at that position. And didn't he also do quite well as our long snapper?

Girard's career may have come to an end much sooner than expected. But we'll remember how he was able to make that transition from DT to centre and doing quite well there, and how he was the long snapper on the biggest field goal in this team's recent history. He'll also be remembered as that player who helped seal the Vanier Cup win in 2014 for the Montreal Carabins by blocking Tyler Crapigna's FG attempt late in the fourth quarter. (Sorry if that brings back bad memories for McMaster fans.)

there is no immediate increased value to having those QBs on the Neg list.
BUT, if one of those guys ever declares that they would like to play in the CFL that 1 billion lottery ticket would come in. The value of a Manzeil at the gate for an Argo team would be immeasurable.

I think that Johnny would look very good wearing "Green and White" :wink:'s to hopefully NEVER seeing him wearing Black "n" Gold !!! :thdn: :twisted: :thdn: