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Let's wait until after the investigation. If there is something in their conditions of employment that would prohibit them from maing such an appearance, then punative measures should be taken. If not, then they sould be re-instated. We don't have all the info.

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The Ref

Maybe the other cheerleaders don't want them to continue on the team.

All I know is that I wish the cheerleaders had official outfits like the ones those two were wearing on Howard's show.

My take is that the girls will be allowed to come back.

Unless there is a morals and ethics clause in their contracts (if indeed they do have contracts), then letting them go at this stage would be wrongful dismissal. They did not represent the Hamilton Tiger-Cats during their “escapades”.

The result of bringing them back would, in my estimation, mean that they will leave the team on their own accord.

The ribbing that they are due to get upon return will be unbelievable, and they’ll probably quit on their own.

Many companies have employees sign something about employee committment and company reputation. They should have cleared this with the team if they were THAT interested in promoting the fitness date.

If they signed something about company reputation then i think they violated it.

We do not have enough info.

I agree with most of the rest of the posters. I don't feel like I have enough information to form a real opinion on this yet. One thing I do feel quite strongly about is that people should not be blaming Howard Stern or his show for this. These women are adults and I'm sure had full understanding of what they were doing. They will hopefully take responsibility for their choices.

BTW, I am NOT a fan of Howard Stern, but I believe very strongly in personal responsibility, and I find it sad to hear people blaming Stern and his show for what these women CHOSE to do.

Not a good example of responsible public behaviour for the 'junior cheer team' to look up to...

I vote to not bring the two girls back.

Funny how if a player went on the show (like many athletes do) nobody would say a thing. Much less possibly lose their job.

One thing I do feel quite strongly about is that people should not be blaming Howard Stern or his show for this.
Whos blaming howard stern? I think he does some entertaining things and some not so entertaining things.

And to throw my 2 cents in again, I think the only way the girls should be allowed back on the team is if the rest of the cheer team wants/accepts them back.

Surely, you can’t for a moment think that if a current Tiger-Cat player appeared on any public show and acted in a similar fashion, his ‘ass’ wouldn’t be ‘grass’…

thank you,

a fan 8)

You’ll have to forgive me but I haven’t a clue as to what this is about but I am curious. So if someone wants to enlighten me, feel free to PM me.

Leave the girls was a side project they were promoting ..nothing to do with the Cats at all.If anything thier ambition may have caught the best of there common sence,...but hey at least they are doing something with thier lives and seem to be real go getters.

Really? Yet players with criminal convictions are still playing and some with shady backgrounds are on this current football team.

Athletes go on Howard Stern all the time and talk about their sex life, personal experiences and personal life all the time. There is a double standard here because they are females, I am not saying its acceptable but to shrug off and ignore the double standard in society is called wearing goodie two shoe blinders.


Eyes Wide Open.

i have no opinion of their actions and if they should have been suspended but now that they have been bringing them back would cause to much of a distraction from the game

Really? Yet players with criminal convictions are still playing and some with shady backgrounds are on this current football team.
I know nothing about those allegations...nor do I care......because they aren't going on public talk shows exposing about their private life (if it is even true)

Everyone has things in their past they aren’t proud of…but that’s a different issue than what the girls did on the Stern Show…


me :stuck_out_tongue:

I have to agree with those who have said that they don't have enough info to make an informed decision. IF there is some sort of personal appearance/team image contract they have to sign then they certainly have violated that, but we don't know if there is. I think it was a case of not really thinking things through and getting caught up in the hype.

Crash makes a very valid point about the double standard though. Some athletes make a career out of womanizing and they talk about it all the time and it's shrugged off and laughed at.

On public talk shows?


I couldn’t agree more, and I made my piece known on the previous thread. There is a level of decorme expected with or without contracts. I am sure Kingsgate is not thrilled with this. But it is the jr. girls I feel for. They look up to the senior squad and if I were a parent of a jr. girl I would be extremly concerned.
If the girls had not stated they were"CFL" cheerleaders, I would say FINE WHAT EVER, if exploiting your self on Howard Stern gives you kicks GO FOR IT. HOWEVER, they stated they were CFL cheerleaders and that is grounds for concern. AND THEY SHOULD BE CUT !!