Gimme a break sheesh

why the hack was the OLD MODS thread closed?

what possible reason?

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It went 20 thousand leagues off topic


so what?

and it was not nearly that far off topic

Probably for the same reason that the "Welcome New Mods" thread was closed. Some people were using the thread as an excuse to trash or attack the new mods. (There were some pretty wild theories, though I never saw a shred of anything to back them up). One or two were getting personal. I don’t blame them for shutting it down.

Of note, both threads were locked by the returning, experienced mod, not one of the new ones..

Thing is, I don't think it would matter who becomes a mod, someone is always going to have a problem with the choice. Some others would have a problem with any choice.

If people can keep things on topic, about football, and let the new mods settle in and do their jobs, all will sort itself out.


"You see folks, I have this scratch, and I have this OLD AXE TO GRIND lemme tell ya, and NOW that I see this NEW MOD thread, and it's time to UNLEASH because I am OFF THE CHAIN NOW! HOO-RAH!"


if a topic is going to be closed because a couple of posters get out of line, well........

In any case, I didnt see anything wrong with the topic in question. OK, maybe 1 bad post. Not reason enough

I was not concerned about who, just why. Sure it wasnt a perfect thread but I think some people get their feathers ruffled way to easy.

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i don’t know why you get so up in arms over closed threads. it’s pretty common practice on a lot of forums to close old threads that have wandered and clog up new discussion that are more relevant to the forum. why not get in on some of the off-season football banter, expansion or streaming discussions, rather than royals and old mods.

making a new thread complaining every time an old irrelevant thread is closed is a bit much.

also, if you have beef with a moderator action, message that particular mod (it shows who closed it). don’t make a new thread just to air your grievance.


a guy like yourself must have some awesome football stories and experiences. how about make some football history threads or discuss what you like about football back in the older days of the game versus now. who were your favourite players? i imagine you have seen a lot of football you can talk about.


nothing more to see here