Giles New Athletic Director at McMaster

Ken Welch of CHCH-TV reported tonight that McMaster University has hired former CFL Chief Operating Officer Jeff Giles as the new Director of Athletics. He replaces Therese Quigley who is taking the same position at her alma mater, the University of Western Ontario. An interesting hire indeed!

so what does this mean for Mac sports and more importantly Mac football

That they will lose to Western more often than not I think. :cowboy:

What does this mean for Mac sports and more importantly Mac football, Mychael?

This is a blurb about Jeff Giles the author

He wrote about the CFL...'Bigger Balls'

About the Author

Jeff Giles is a corporate turnaround specialist.

Growing up in the Ottawa area, he became a chartered accounted
and, thorough more than two decades specializing in bankruptcy

and insolvency has helped save many companies facing the abyss.

Mr. Giles' biggest and darkest challenge to date involved saving the CFL
from near certain death in the middle and latter part of the 1990's.

Starting as the league's chief financial officer in 1994,
he eventually became president and COO of the league

as he and then commissioner John Tory guided it
through a minefield of looming financial disaster.

Mr. Giles resigned as league president in the fall of 2000
and assumed the presidency of the Toronto Argonauts in 2001.

Jeff Giles, one of the most instrumental in the rebuilding of the CFL,
chronicles the ups and downs, the trials and tribulations

that saw the CFL go from death's door back
to respectability during the late 1990's.

Draw your own conclusions.