....Kelly must think a heck of a lot about this young man.....I hope he lives up to everyones expectations through the year(s)...The fear was he would head for the nfl next year.....guess that ain't gonna least for awhile... :wink: :thup:

Pre-season is different than regular season. Will Giles be able to run like a madman against starters playing as a unit, as opposed to rooks learning the rules/game/tendencies of their rook counterparts?

only time will tell, but he sure looks good. hopefully thhe success will translate otherwise letting go of smith might be a huge mistake

when this guy falls flat this season i will laugh so hard, why would you think after 2 preseaon games that this guy is all that! look what Joe did for the lions for an entire season, Bombers did not even give him a chance, I smell another Reinbold season :roll:

Interesting - the two teams with the most questionable run game right now - Hamilton and Sask (with Cates hurt) come onto the Bomber thread to criticize the Bombers second running back, not the first mind you (Reid). Sounds like a lot of insecurity and wishful thinking. There is no doubt both Sask and Hamilton would give their eye teeth to trade their backfield talent for ours.

...not to mention the fact that we have a very good back just waiting his turn in Bernard....IF i were the opposition i would be VERY worried about the Bombers running game :wink: ..The only people falling on their arse will be the 'd' from the other team....whiffing on their tackles....heh heh.... :lol: