Giles and Bernard????RB. talent galore...

....What the heck are we going to do if both of these guys have a great showing in Mont.....Smith and Reid will not be playing against the Als.....could one of our starting rbs. be in trouble.?????...Both Joe and Fred have had pretty good camps ....WOW...we have a problem...mind you a good one....Kelly apparently told a player (didn't say who) has a very good chance of making the Bombers....and in Kellys words said ..."go and get it'....I can see Giles being in the running...he's the same type of back as Smith....runs as hard , is faster and also what a lot of clubs are looking for, 'cheaper'...Bernard is no slouch either....he's quick and smart....Something is got to give in our final cut- down day....Anyone want to hazard a guess...could a trade be in the works????? I think Mike K. has got a lot of high-end deliberation to do...glad its him and not me... :wink:

I think we might trade Smith and honestly kinda hope we do because both these guys are young and have alot more years in them than Smith does and the fact these RB's will be pretty much be here (CFL) for there entire careers as i don't see them being good enough to crack the NFL but you never know.

I don't know exactly what we need tho I think another solid LB but i guess we can pick up Armour tho i just don't think Ike can do it anymore he gets beat quite a bit.

So only trade i can think of for Smith would be if we can pick up a canadian safety or Oline and a draft pick

Draft picks (plural) would make sense since Kelly's already traded away a bushel of good to get some back.

Sure sounds like a trade is in the works for one of them.

Wally is apparently interested in Giles and with Cates laid up in Regina....

...I would say Giles is a keeper....(will be clearer tonight)....If he plays a great game against the Als.....i wouldn't put any bets on who the BigBlue are going to keep or cut ....orrrrr trade....This is a quandry for Kelly :wink: :roll: :roll: :roll:

No one is going to trade for these guys. They will either get them for free when Kelly is forced to cut them, or they will pluck one of those young RB's off the Bombers' PR if Kelly keeps the vets.

sadly this is true, the bombers will end up having to lose one of these guys although if one impresses as a return man, do you think it might be possible to keep 3 and the other one as a returner? I heard Bernard has been returning kicks well lately.

....don't know about Bernard......but i would say Giles has made this team.....he doesn't sound like a punt returner....but by gosh...he sure sounds like a running back to me.... :wink: :thup: :rockin:

Ya i think Giles will be the third RB, Bernard apparantly has interest around the league, hopefully we can get some Draft picks back

I’m not so sure…I think Giles will be #2, and Joe will be shopped around…