Gilbert Signs With Ticats

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The article is french! In english please, who is Gilbert?

Here is the translation from babelfish:

(Quebec) Even s' it n' fished out forever, Jean-Philippe Gilbert will be likely to continue his career in the Canadian League of football. He is now member of Tiger Cats of Hamilton which made him sign a contract last week. “Even if I am very happy, I remain very ground-with-ground?, explained l' student-athlete who has just begun his bar. “For of the ratio of Canadian and American players within each team, it is necessary to profit d' a good timing to play in the LCF. And I am not naive, I know that my contract does not guarantee to me to remain with Tiger Cats. C' is an invitation for the camp d' drive. Despite everything, I am very proud. For me, to have the chance to put forward me with a professional camp, c' is already a victory in oneself. I am conscious of my capacities and this qu' it is necessary to have to play in the pros. C' is with me to prove that of which I am able.? Christmas present The formation of Hamilton contacted the player of defensive line on December 23 in order to know s' it always had l' interest for a career of footballer. Even s' he was to begin his bar, l' ex No 94 of the Red and Or indicated qu' it would be interested to try its chance in the LCF. Tiger Cats then spoke to him about contract. Gilbert s' is found an agent, Darren Gill, and the negotiations started. “A nice gift of Christmas. I m' waited at all to have a call d' a team of the Canadian League and to receive an offer of contract. My intention was to make pitches near certain formations in order to know their interest at my place. And if nobody n' in had had, I would have concentrated on my studies. To make its bar is very demanding. J' would have devoted to it all my time and j' would have given up taking share with next combines.? Even if the camp of Tiger Cats s' qu' will start; in May, Gilbert puts already the twice the work at l' drive so d' to be fine loan. In parallel, it puts also much d' efforts in its studies. Never, he acknowledges, it n' one year so intense and demanding lived. “C' is not badly testing. There is much stress to manage. But that is worth the sorrow of it. It does not matter what will arrive, I will leave there gaining.

Web translators are always a bit weak. Thats why the sentence structure is so messed up.

I translated it through Google, then cleaned it up a bit:

(Quebec) Even if he is never caught [fishing metaphor difficult to translate directly - means even if he never makes the team] Jean-Philippe Gilbert will have the chance to pursue his career in the Canadian Football League. He is now a member of the Hamilton Tiger Cats who made him sign a contract last week.

"Although I am very happy, I am still very down-to-earth," said the student-athlete who has just started his bar (law school?). "Because the ratio of Canadian and American players in each team it is good timing for me to play in the CFL. And I'm not naive, I know that with my contract I am not guaranteed to remain with the Tiger Cats. This is an invitation to training camp. Nevertheless, I am very proud. For me, having the chance to try out at a professional camp, is a victory in itself. I am aware of my capabilities and what it takes to play with the pros. It is an opportunity for me to prove what I am capable of. "

Christmas Gift
The Hamilton organization contacted the defensive lineman December 23 to see if it still had an interest in a career as a football player. Even though he was to begin law school, former No. 94 of the Rouge et Or said he would be interested to try his luck in the CFL. The Tiger Cats then talked to him about the contract. Gilbert found an agent, Darren Gill, and negotiations began.

"A fine Christmas gift. I did not expect everything to get a call for a team of CFL and receive a contract offer. My intention was to make pitches to certain organization to determine their interest in me. And if no one had, I would concentrate on my studies. Getting called to the bar is very demanding. I'd spent all my time and I decided not to take part in next combines".
Even if the Tiger-Cats’ camp doesn’t begin until May, Gilbert is already training twice as hard to be ready. Meanwhile, he is also puts alot of effort into his studies. Never has he experienced a year as intense and demanding. "It's pretty stressful. There are a lot of stresses to manage. But it's worth it. Whatever happens, I win. "

so the Ticat are Still looking for D-line help

Quebecois french is very idiomatic, colloquial which is why it doesn't translate well directly.

Article can be condensed as follows: NI Depth Signing.

Nice job in translation...french is a tough language!

BTW repecher doesn't have anything to do with fishing, the means drafted.

Thanks. Mr. Google did most of it, but I’ve been married to a Quebecquoise for 10 years, and I’ve picked up a thing or two. Obviously repecher isn’t one of those things. It was google who suggested that it had something to do with fishing, and I bit on it hook, line & sinker!


Anybody know Gilbert's size and weight, could be small for a D Linemen.

with the assistance of Monsieur Google :wink: an article from last fall on a french canadian site (Ive done a little tidying but not much) with thanks to columnist Rémi Aboussouan

On the eve of his fifth and final year with the Rouge et Or Laval University defensive tackle Jean-Philippe Gilbert seems to know where he is headed. Captain for the third consecutive seasonamong the champions of the Vanier Cup, he has completed his law degree and begins a Masters in September (2009). Outside football, he is eyeing a second selection on the All-Star team Quebec conference.

Despite all this, Gilbert's greatest pride is to have managed to bring country music in the locker room of the Red and Gold

Portrait of a hard worker who likes to compare himself to a pittbull, when he is on a football field.

Last year, the defensive unit of Red and Gold managed quite a feat, giving up only 60 points during the season. On the defensive line, tackle Étienne Légaré stole the show with a dream season in which he managed 6.5 sacks in seven games. He was named the best lineman in the country and became the second overall draft pick in the Canadian Football League draft.

This season (2009) do not be surprised to hear instead about his good friend and former teammate, Jean-Philippe Gilbert.

Gilbert perfected his technique in a position for which he was named to the QUFL all star team. He became a nose tackle. And if Gilbert has become so successful in the opposition backfield, it is often because he takes care of the opponent's center and one of two guards.

This year (2009 -- sez Gilbert )"It will be my last lap. I want to enjoy it as much as possible. This team has occupied my entire life over the past five years. It is difficult from the outside to understand what this program can make in the life of a young person like me. "

At 6 feet three inches and 275 pounds, Jean-Philippe Gilbert does not intimidate easily. "I'm the kind of player who does not let go. I must say that in every game, I work harder than the guy in front of me. If he ever decides to take a game off, and go to 50%, he will pay. "

As defensive tackle Gilbert is not afraid to poke his nose into traffic. This is the physical aspect of the game on the line that he particularly likes. "It's not a position for girls, that's for sure. It brews, it happens on all sides. To me, that's football in its purest form. "

Like many linemen, the 24-year-old does not play football to see his name appear on the score sheet or to amass impressive statistics.

"I like to make a sack, for sure. But I prefer to stop opposing quarterbacks on a sneak in a situation of third-and one.

"For me, the Rouge et Or is not a great team. It's a great organization. And all this part of the dedication of Glen Constantin and other coaches. The Rouge et Or is their life, it's amazing how they take it to heart. During the season, they practically sleep in their offices. The least we can do as players is to respect their work, and execute what they teach us."

A true team player

When asked which accomplishments he is most proud of since the beginning of his football career, Jean-Philippe Gilbert is adamant. individual awards and nominations for all star teams are nice, but these are nothing like the two conquests of the Vanier Cup. That was really indescribable. Especially because of the way we did it--- we played three championship games in three weeks. And each time, we could stop overnight. "

Another of his proudest achievements is to help the Red and Gold achieve their best season ever last year. Going back a little farther, he is also happy to have had the courage to leave his native Beauce, CEGEP, to go play football with the Cougars de Champlain-Lennoxville College in AAA.

"I grew up in St. Victor de Beauce, a small village three or four thousand inhabitants. After high school ended, I decided to go away far from home to go play soccer and learn English in Lennoxville. "

If he appreciated the city life, he is still attached to his native Beauce.

"I take great pride in coming from there. I find that I really the values of Beauce. The people are tough and hard working and I think to be like that too! "

IMO... this garcon sounds like a real find.

noir et or... :cowboy:

Nice work ....Smokey :thup:

thank you for the compliment its all for "The Cause"....

im mightily impressed by the quality of football played in Quebec universities....

this garcon gilbert could be a real "in the trenches" find...

particularly like his comments about the Beauce.. *(his hometown) sort of remind me of the rugged quality of football player we used to have coming out of the steel mills..heck,... some of our players even held jobs in the off season at the mills :cowboy: