Giguere's versatility coming in handy with Fantuz out

His raw ability is what attracted the ‘Cats to Giguere, enough to pursue him once again, but it is his versatility that has head coach George Cortez relieved with his star non-import pass-catcher on the sidelines.

“When we started in training camp, we talked about the fact that they’d have to be able to play any spot, because we call plays based on concepts rather than numbers,? said Cortez. “If you know what’s going on within the concept, you should ultimately be able to play the spots.

“Now, that’s obviously easier said than done when you’re first starting out, but once you get to it, it gives you an amazing amount of flexibility.?

Giguere is often listed on the Ticats depth chart at the wideout spot, and still is, but will likely move inside where Fantuz often mans the slotback position. A transition that Cortez is not too concerned about.

“We have the same expectation for him [as Fantuz],? said Cortez. “Especially when we have a full week of practice for the guys that take spots, we expect them to play well. He had a good week in practice. It’s not like those guys don’t hear everything that’s said about every position.?

Coach Cortez again:
“We’ve practiced probably with two different ways to play on defence, and we’ll probably play both ways during the game, because all of those guys are going to be there.?
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Not too many players can do what he's doing. Giguere is used as a kick returner, receiver and been used as a running back too and remember he's a rookie Canadian. Give this guy some time and he's going to be a great one.
He probably could play safety too, would be a great hitter.

Also, hasn't he been playing as well with a nasty blister that broke open on his toe?

disintegrated toe is more like it..........queasy shudder

Definitely a nice Swiss Army knife type of player to have in your lineup. Give him time to grow into the game and get 100% healthy and he will be a legit difference-maker IMO. :thup:

1 catch for 5 yards, on a night when Burris threw for 350 or so yards.

Sam's been a disappointment so far. A dozen catches going into the Winnipeg game. He's a CFL rookie but he's a 4th year pro. He has size and speed and should be more productive but isn't. For a guy they waited 3 years for, he hasn't come close to meeting expectations.

An Argo-Cat fan

I thought Giguere would be more of a factor in the slot. Obviously I was wrong.

Me too. Wonder what the game films will reveal.

He doesn't seem anywhere near as fast as people have made him out to be. After watching him run routes and return kickoffs, I don't expect him to break away like Williams or Walker.

Yeah, his running, and indeed his play n general, seems reluctant and hesitant, as if he lacks confidence out there.

He doesn't seem to play with much passion. Even though he's Canadian, I'm starting to wonder if he's one of those NFL guys who can't get over the fact that he's not there anymore. He wouldn't be the first.

An Argo-Cat fan

He is not a return man....nuff said...stop using him for the job !!

He has not learned to run pass routes properly and is not using either his size or speed to create separation. Sit him and have him watch Stalla and Fantuz when he is back...he has the raw talent...but that is all he has

I'm just waiting to see the guy break a tackle. Just one tackle. Rather than going down the first time he is touched - every single time.

Get Giguere a pad of paper and a pencil and let him learn the Canadian football before he dresses for another game. Either he thinks he's too good because he came from the NFL practice squads or he's upset about not being the greatest player on the team. He is not playing anywhere near what they said he would. If Fantuz can go next week put Giguere on the bench and start AARON KELLY! Actually start Aaron anyway he has proved since last year he deserves to start. The cats have better Canadian talent on their roster then Giguere (CHARBONNEAU CAMPEAU) that can take his spot.

i’d flat out release gugaure and chevy.

this is PRO football people. not highschool football.
you make it to the PROs because you can play at this level. not to be babied and be taught how to play at this level.

gugaure and chevy have not demonstrated the ability to perform on a PRO level on a consistant basis ( sam gugare has no hands, and walker has no blocking abilities or ability to pick up yards in 5 or 6 yard chunks )
waste of Cap-space. waste of starting spots that would be used by players who CAN perform on a PRO level ; Dave Stala and Avon Cobourne.

So completely wrong....I'd respond but I'd have to use football language which you obviously wouldn't understand....Chevy is a league leader.....Giguere.....sorry...I mean "Gugaure" a rookie.....(that means first year player, although technically he might not qualify because of his NFL years on practice rosters...NFL is another football league in the US)