Giguere's night, tonight?

I too feel that he needs to pay his dues, but that's a coaching error, not anything to do with Sam himself. Drawing on my own team for an example, our current top receiver S.J. Green didn't have his spot handed to him. He spent some time on the practice roster, played sparingly in his first season, platooned with Ben Cahoon in his second full season, before taking over Ben's spot full-time last year.

And for what it's worth, Fantuz hasn't been particularly impressive as a Cat so far. My abiding memory of him from last night's game consists of the penalties he took (offside and illegal block down field). I'd say if you're going to pile on a receiver, pile on Fantuz. He's a veteran, former league leader, and he's getting paid a hefty chunk of change.

The problem with Giguere is all the hype that preceded him and high expectations. There were numerous threads on here over the last couple of years about the mighty Giguere. The fact that he spent so much time on some NFL rosters also created a perceived higher value. Then at the start of the season some of the TSN panel members mentioned repeatedly over what a tremendous physical specimen he is and almost a freak of nature. Almost super-human. Most of us expected him to come to the CFL and completely burn it up. Well it hasn't happened yet. But he's only played 8 games so far and we should be patient with a rookie. If he's still this unimpressive next year then maybe we do have another Bauman on our hands.

I really don't know how he kept the Colts interested that long, strange. That's probably what had the fans thinking this guy must be very good. I thought this guy would have speed to burn, not so.

exactly :thup: