Giguere's night, tonight?

Maybe tonight will be the night when when he catches all the balls he has a chance to, when he catches more than his average of less than 2 receptions in a game, when he puts his speed to use after a hand-off and tops his 4 yd. average gain and best ever 6 yd. romp, when he tops his average of 20 yds. on KO returns and maybe even breaks one for more than his first game, best ever, of 32 yds? He should have the motivation -- a "home" game, his first game in Quebec in 5 years, his first pro game in Quebec, and playing before his family and friends for whom he managed to get 83 tickets. Or, maybe he'll be distracted by the attention being paid to him on this visit home.

I’m glad Fantuz is back.


Giguere is over rated. He is mediocre at best. Much like all the other Canadian receivers the cats have drafted and who have moved on without much success. Giguere may have speed but he has not shown an ability to get open and catch lots of passes and on kick off returns he usually cannot get by the first defender on the return route. This guy needs to develop some hitting and some skills on running.

He’s played seven games. Seven games! Have a little patience. It’s a little early to be writing him off. Sure, he spent some time in the NFL, but don’t CFL fans say all the time that the games are different? Also, Giguère is playing a position that doesn’t see a lot of action. He hasn’t had the impact many thought he’d have so far, but it is far too soon to be calling him mediocre and overrated.

Agree, I do think Giguere will have a break out game soon enough. He is adjusting to life as a starter and he's not used to it. But make no mistake, I don't put him in the same calibre of player, yet anyways, as a Chris Williams at this position.

He may be fast in his 40s, but I can't see any speed from him on the field. I thought Rutley returned the ball much better than Giguere does.

Still seems to lack vision and drive. The reluctance is still there. Brock Ralph 2.0

A easy pass dropped and a poor running,I don't see anything special,over used today.

He definitely doesn’t seem to use his speed out there. Tried to get to the outside on one play, but the defender caught up with him. He also doesn’t seem to have any moves, just straight running.

But I did like his one play where he ran for ten to fifteen yards with a defender hanging onto him. That’s the type of play we were all expecting from him. But that’s the first great play I’ve seen from him so far.

To me, Fantuz just didn't look like himself last night - maybe still has lingering effects of the concussion. I know he was cleared to play but I hope they're not trying to rush things.

agreed CFO.
Aside from the 32 yard grab and run, Giguere played yet another unremarkable game. (a slight improvement over past performances)
His other 5 receptions totalled a meager 27 yds which is less than mediocre in the CFL.
Giguere has all the physical tools to become a dominant presence on the field yet appears to lack the vision and instinct to complement the raw talent.
Attempting to bulldoze through crowds is an effort in futility 99% of the time.

as a side note, rookie Rutley performed commendably in his first outing on KR’s and seems to have superior lateral movement in comparison to Giguere.

Giguere plays the "Matt Carter" and "Chris Bauman" position.

They send him to the wide side of the field and tell him to run straight. Watch him closely, that's the game plan for him.

Giguere is more of a slot receiver but we have Stala and Fantuz there.

I feel that Stala is playing his last year in Hamilton and we can slot Giguere into his slot position next year.

I'm surprised that Cortez is employing such an old-school approach to the wide-side WR position instead of doing what's been current in the league for the past few years: use that WR as a Swiss Army Knife by moving him around and sending him in motion parallel to the LOS so he can attack the wide part of the field at different angles and put defenders in chase positions.

can't turn a track star into a pro-football player ( giguere. walker ).
leave the football to the football players.

So, you spent three years waiting for him to arrive, and now you're giving up on him after eight games?

If that is the case, there will be 7 other teams ready to take a chance.


teams took chances on bauman. doesn't mean it panned out for winnipeg/edmonton/calgary.
what about brock ralph?

after 3.5 years in pro football, giguere is a bust.

What about Kamau Peterson? What about Dave Stala?

Nothing is guaranteed, obviously, but it just seems like Cats fans are giving up on Giguere way too easily. In preseason, all I heard about was how Giguere was a god among men. He was apparently going to dominate the league despite never having played a down of CFL football and having spent most of the past few years on practice rosters down south. Now, suddenly he's garbage? Talk about bipolarity. It was never realistic to expect him to be a difference-maker out the gate; neither is it fair to dump on him after a tough start when he is far from being the only player who is underperforming.

Hey D&P - stop making sense, that's not fair lol. I have not been impressed with Giguere all season. Do I think it's time to give up on him? NO. But I don think that he was hyped up to much. He should have came to Hamilton and have been the 5th or 6th receiver and not a starter. IMO I don't think that the veteran receivers (especially Stala) have liked the way that Giguere had been elevated to superstar status without playing a game. I do believe that Stala should be a starter and Giguere learn behind him. This is just my two cents but he hasn't paid his CFL dues yet.