Giguere's best game yet.

At least I think it was.

Nice to see especially that nice over the should 61 yard catch and run TD where he had to adjust to the ball.

3 catches for 94 yards.

Hopefully that play, and the others, will boost his confidence that will in turn continue to improve his game.

Did you notice they were playing him at SB yesterday? As soon as they put him there he excels. Seems like a sign to keep him at SB possibly.

His catch and run in the dying moments of the game was just as important to the Ti-Cat win as his touchdown was. Although that was a great catch and run for the TD!!!

Duly noted,seems more comfortable inside,hopefully this is his coming out party,that we've all be waiting for....for awhile I kept thinking we have another Bauman on our hands!!! :smiley: :smiley:

Giggy showed top speed, separation and catching ability in this game, the same attributes critics had lambasted as weaknesses previously.
Hopefully this trend continues, finally revealing why the Cats drafted him in the first place.

BTW, what is the status of Gant? Is the ankle injury serious enough to take him out of the lineup for next game?
Aside from one dropped pass, he was well on his way to a tremendous game.

The last word I heard on Gant was that he was on crutches after game.....Not a Good Sign :frowning: Hopefully Onrea will be good to go next week.

I also recall at least one other play where the Winnipeg defender grabbed and pulled Giguere down, drawing a PI penalty, as Giguere was about to blow past him.

A guy with SG's speed is much more dangerous when he hits the line running full tilt as a SB than running from a dead stop at WR.

I agree, it was Giggy's best game,
Although I thought Austin was going to come out of his shoes when Giggy went out of bounds in the last 30 sec.
It was an awesome play tho!

The Cats should try and use Giguere and Walker like the Arblows use Owens and Durry. Any thoughts?

Yeah, we noticed that too!

Love Austin's reactions.

Once he knew he had the first down, he should have turned inside. But it's not like he stepped out of bounds to avoid a hit. At least he was fighting for yardage, something we'd all like to see more from him. Just not when they're trying to kill the clock.

Agree with that. Walker is not a hard yard running back. Use him like Durie or Archie Amerson. Good call.

But... in Giguere's defense, he got the first down with 24 seconds left, and that was good enough to kill the clock at that point.

i think if anything coach was angry that the play was botched in the first place even if it worked out. looked like he was looking at Burris on that one

Very good point, CaptainKirk. After Giguère got the first down, he simply tried to gain as many additional yards as possible. There was no need to run a few more seconds off the clock on that play, because there was so little time left in the game.

Fair enough. He got the first down, which was the objective. The only thing needed after that was to not fumble. Guess I owe him an apology.

Put the fast Canadian in the slot... only took about 25 games to try this... wow.

Would have liked to see Lumsden there as well although not sure how good his hands were for catching.