Giguere, ?

Is Giguere playing out of position for the CFL?, wouldn't he be better at slot back, and also running some plays ? this guy can play inside!!!


Agree completely I’ve been saying this since he arrived.
I have a feeling he’ll leave for Montreal and they’ll use him properly

I would tend to agree, but I'd just like to add some comments.

First, Fantuz and Ellginson both are running slot, and really, I feel they are much better suited for this job then WR. Their ability to quickly dig and find that sweet spot of distance with the linebackers and coverage is what makes them such good receivers. Not to say they aren't physical, but their intelligence as to gauging where to be, how to shake coverage for that quick catch far better suits them, then the more physically demanding WR position, where player height and speed are much bigger factors. SB isn't just about blocking, it's about being able to dig and working the inside of the field. That might be a bit more of a question mark with Giguere.

That being said, the 6'4" Bakari Grant I'd like to see take some reps at WR instead of slot.

Why do you say Montreal?

Because he was born in Sherbrooke Quebec, which is reasonably close to Montreal. To which I would say, I think Calgary would be more likely as I believe that is where the national bobsleigh team (his off season sport) is based.

Blocking is another important factor for a successful slot back considering the hitch, screen are an important part of the play book. I have noticed Grant, Fantuz and Tasker are fierce blockers. To tell you the truth I am surprised when Giguere
is in the play because he does look out of position? If Sam was used as a kick return man before why not use him on sweeps and end around plays? Why not design a few plays using his strengths?

I've noticed Giguere seems to be getting really frustrated. Did anyone notice on the last TD pass last week (that he tried to tip or catch before being caught by Tasker) he turned around, saw the TD catch, and just went to the sidelines without congratulating Tasker?

I hope he picks up his game, when they have gone to him he is dropping some easy passes, which won't help Collaros pay more attention to him.

I appears that he really just doesn’t want to be here.

While In Montreal a couple weekends ago … I did my best to see if I could make him miss the train back!
Just kidding about the train … but it sure DOES appear that he does not want to be in Hamilton.

And Montreal is my guess where he’d like to be.

Could not disagree more, he has great hands and last week they threw ONE ball to him on a screen that was behind him and would have got killed if he caught it.

Comments like this bug me, its an insult on his character with no basis at all. What may be more accurate is that hes frustrated with the lack of chances hes been given, or what he thought he was getting into by coming to Canada. Not wanting to be in Hamilton is unfair to him, and if hes fed up with the situation then fine but its no more than speculation, but hes usually playing wide side (Z) which is seldom used anyways, and likely wants to be involved more. If he was upset i wouldnt blame him one bit. When he filled in for Fantuz in the slot last year he played great, had a couple one handed highlight reel catches and a deep TD I remember in Guelph (all of these plays came from the slot).

If youre basing it on body language i could argue Danny McManus never wanted to be here.

Ti-Cat Fans, I think it’s a matter of Zack Collaros and Giguere getting on the same page together, remember Collaroshas only been back now for 3 games since his injury and he was out for 7 games due to the concussion. Give these guys some space and time to gel, Collaros has connected with the other receivers well and I’m sure he will with Giguere but it’s not an individual game, it’s a team game and Giguere might not be making the catches but he’s still making the plays by taking the defender out of the play.

Play as a Team and Win as a Team!!!


I've thought since season 1 that he would move back home to Montreal when he has a chance. seeing his wife interact with his daughter in French, it seems like a comfortable fit. I have nothing to base this on except a feeling I have.

he's talented but the part of his game that drives me crazy is it seems he just "gives up" on the play sometimes. I see it if the ball is overthrown or if it's turned over. he just kinda swipes at the ball or defender. the guy is built so I figured he wouldn't mind hitting people when he has a chance. but it was a good thing he only swiped at the touchdown pass to Tasker. :slight_smile:

during an interview in early 2012 Giguere made it publicly known that he would prefer to play in Montreal…

[b]"Seriously, I would like that.(to play for the Als) When I was young, it's the team I followed. I have many friends with the Alouettes. I really want it to play in Montreal, but at the same time I do not control these things."[/b]

i am assuming he's just not smart enough to play inside, or doesn't quite have the hands that the other slots do. could very well be both just the same. I do know when he was with the Giants he was a on the outside as well

having said all that it would be nice to see him with a head start. he's definitely fast enough I just don't think he's explosive enough from a stand still.