Giguere released again

Sam Giguere has been released from the Colts practice squad.

Come to the CFL please Sam? :slight_smile:

He could be cut to play this week don't get your hopes up yet
Youhave to Cut Someone to signed them to main Roster .
But it would nice to see him Replace Chris Butter Fingers Bowman in a few Weeks

No, according to the Indianapolis Star he was "waived", he never fully recovered from a broken bone in his leg. Has he recovered enough to make the Ticats as a receiver? He was hoping to make the Colts as a kick returner.

Let's hope for Sam's sake his injury isn't a career ender no matter which league he's trying to play in. Then let's hope he's 100% healthy, signs with the TiCats and lives up to the potential many people believe he has.

Bauman had a nice catch on Labour Day.

Why not replace Chris Davis?

Why not replace Drisan James?

All 3 guys have dropped balls.

Because Chris Davis has the skill, he might drop balls but there is skill there. If Bauman cant hold onto the ball i dont know what hes good for…

Cutting Bauman would be a bonehead move, Obie wouldn't do that. :roll:

Please explain...

You need explaining Crash. :roll:

Bauman just turned 25 last week and just OOOOOOOzes potential.
Corey Grant would be sent back to being a teacher before Bauman was ever cut.

Not to mention he isn't meant to be a wide side receiver, he's a slotback.

We have watched Davis and James drop how many passes in two games. Davis has dropped more passes in one game than Bauman has all year and Davis is an import and we're talking about cutting Bauman. :? :slight_smile:

If Giguere comes here, I think Grant will be cut to make room for him, not Bauman.

Davis also has more catches than Bauman has made all year and has two TD's and Bauman has 0 so.. yeah.

His in his Option year so not that big a loss .
He'll leave anyways for the Peg Next year.
I Think The Ticats May Trade Bauman to Wally..

Davis gets more balls thrown to him and he drops more than anybody else, has had more drive killers than all the WR put together.

Gotta check their birth certificates when comparing Davis and Bauman....plays a MAJOR role!

Yes, Davis is a year and a couple months older. Not a big deal. Look at the stats for this year alone.

 Name Team    No.  Yards  Avg  Long  TD  

DAVIS, C HAM 30 405 13.5 37 2

BAUMAN, C HAM 9 74 8.2 15 0

Davis might drop one, once in a while. Bauman drops them every other game. I would keep Davis over Bauman in a heartbeat.

Bauman has fewer catches because he has had fewer passes thrown to him Because he is being used as a blocking /decoy so Davis can get open, IT is an admiral thing to give up stats to help the team nd Bauman is proving to be a solid team player, If indeed Giguere is going to replace Bauman then Hopefully Obie can make a win /win-trade with the Riders ,IMHO :thup: :thup: