Giguere rejects TiCats contract offer, will likely hit FA

Quick look at the current free agent NI receivers:

WATT, Spencer

Samuel had 41 receptions for 520 yards. That ranks #7 league wide for NI Receivers. And #1 as far as that list of NI FA Rec's.

Next closest is Spencer Watt with 35 for 356. Sinopoli had 20 for 197. SCC had 13 for 233.

I think Sam will likely get some interest in the league and the Cats may have to revisit his offer especially if you lose Tasker.

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if theyre only out on the field because they are Canadian (and that's what it seems like) than pick up the cheapest and move on. hopefully we wont need a fill in for #83 next year and whomever we pickup on the cheap can ride the pine and make some tackles on ST

SCC's 17 yard per catch average looks pretty nice

Starting Canadian Receivers can and do receive a premium - Hamilton have to match in the 115-125,000$
With a 15,000 $ plus bonus to keep Sam- will they keep him I doubt it - a cheaper Canadian receiver I'm sure is out there but also doubt if another can match Sam's play .

It will be difficult to find the all around skill-set of Giguere as most receivers aren't built like a tank like him that can do a lot of things, maybe not one thing really, really excellently but he will be difficult to replace because he can do many things very well. Very versatile player.

Spend whatever money we have available upgrading the "O" line.
Giguere is replaceable with a more friendly cap hit.

Starting two national receivers would allow for an extra international player on the o-line. And a good international o-line player would cost much less that an equivalent national player, and there's a lot more to choose from.

Personally, I'd be trying a lot harder to keep Giguere.

He was offered an increase from his last contract and rejected it.
I don't think we should break the bank and get into a bidding war with MTL and OTT for his services.
He is not that good.

I just don't get the feeling of,

Dyakowski will return this season, which will help with the ratio, while giving a younger less expensive NI a chance to
learn the offence enough to be Fantuz's backup.
We have lots of receivers, Koch and Ellingson rarely even dressed last season
Our "O" line needs the improvement and a replacement for Breaux.

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Fair enough. I was thinking just bumping the offer a bit more before February to see if they can convince him to stick around. True, we have a few international receivers that could take his place quite easily. But only playing one national receiver forces us to go with four nationals on the o-line, and those guys can be expensive as well. Would the team be better off overpaying slightly for Giguere, or for an o-line player? Not sure.

Also Fantuz best years are behind him.

Also Fantuz best years are behind him.

No question he isn't THAT good but THAT being how the Ticats use him. No one knows if he could be a Ben Cahoon as more a pure slot and even better with all the other things he does. My guess is it's his attitude ie. coachable that is rubbing some people the wrong way, I think that is a concern for some at the admin level. Just my opinion. If I was him, I'd go where someone wants me to really throw to me out of the slot and tells me I'm a go-to guy. Hamilton is not the place therefore with Fantuz around and Tasker. You can get other guys to go down on kicks and that for a lot less money with a more coachable attitude to be a less prominent type player in their mind.

What he's doing is normal negotiating. The team made an offer, he didn't take it. If the team wants to keep him, they'll make him a better offer. If not, they won't. Their risk is that he moves. His risk is that no one makes him a better one.

I think he'll probably find a fair bit of interest as a free agent, so the team's risk is greater. But they may not view it that way, and may believe they have other options that make more sense for them, in terms of talent, budget and ratio.

Personally, I like him, I hope he stays. I think he has more upside than Fantuz at this stage. Andy is getting older, and has had some injury down time. Sam has performed adequately in several roles, but has not made a major splash. But it's the team's call to decide their direction, and how much to offer him. And it's the player's decision whether to accept any new offer here or to move elsewhere. They each have their own choices to make. We'll see how it all goes.


Hey, if I were the Cats I'd be looking at Fantuz and how often he can actually play versus what he earns. I love the guy, great player, but he's injured most of the time it seems. Pro sports is a difficult business, I wonder if some others out there are saying time to cut Andy lose, for his price point. :? :expressionless:

Not cut andy loose, but get Giguere ready to take that spot with a quality offer. Ill wait till FA is behind us but Fantuz cant have too many years left at his current salary.
We could easily lose Giguere this year and Fantuz after next, then we will be overpaying for an average Canadian receiver.

Just putting things into perspective.

Rob Bagg was the #1 NI Receiver this past year. 54 for 803 yards. He played 17 games. Fantuz was 2nd with 62 for 639.

In 2013, Getzlaf was the top NI Receiver with 63 for 1,045. Durie was second with 92 for 986. Fantuz was 65 for 896 and 3rd amongst NI Rec's.

IN 2012, Andy's 72 for 971 was tops in the league for NI Rec's.

So Andy's been #2, #3 & #1 league wide as far as NI receivers in the three years he's been in Hamilton.

[b]How Fantuz’s deal is structured:

$190,000 across the board.


$85,000 base salary.
Signing bonus of $100,000.
Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.


$160,000 base salary.
Report to training camp and pass physical: $25,000 bonus.
Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.


$160,000 base salary.
Report to training camp and pass physical: $25,000 bonus.
Named to 42-man roster for 14 or more regular season games: $5000 bonus.

Team option on contract.[/b]

From Arash Madani, Feb. 2012

[b]Fantuz will end up making an annual $190,000 salary in his new contract with the Tiger-Cats. There have been widespread reports on how much Fantuz is making but league sources confirmed how the contract is structured, one that offers the player fair market value and does not handcuff the team if he doesn’t produce.

The majority of Fantuz’s payment this year comes in the form of a $100,000 signing bonus and is accompanied with a base salary of $85,000 for the season. If he is active for 14 or more regular season games — and injuries have been a factor for the wide receiver in the past (ankle in 2011, broken fibula in 2008) — he will receive a roster bonus of $5,000.

But it is after his first season where the structure of the deal provides the organization with some flexibility.

Fantuz is not owed an off-season bonus in 2013 or 2014. His base salary for each of those two seasons is $160,000, accompanied by a $25,000 bonus per year by reporting and passing a physical to open training camp.

That effectively gives Hamilton the first five months of the calendar to decide on Fantuz’s fate, with no penalty or any salary cap implications. It also allows the Tiger-Cats to release Fantuz, should they wish, with little consequence.

While on the surface, it would appear that the notion of cutting Fantuz would be absurd, it wasn’t long ago when Printers and Lumsden were being celebrated as franchise-altering pieces themselves.

What is also unique about Fantuz’s deal is the lack of major incentive clauses. Unlike many CFL contracts, his does not include any financial reward for eclipsing the 1,000-yard plateau or for the number of touchdowns scored.

Usually, a player receives a sizeable bonus if they are named a division or league all-star; even more compensation if they win a major league award. Fantuz will get the minimum possible there — receiving only an additional $3,000 should he be named top Canadian in the CFL, $2,000 as a league all-star and $1,000 as a top player in the East.

Effectively, he will be paid between $185,000 and $196,000 per season.[/b]

[url=] ... breakdown/[/url]

You're already overpaying for an average receiver! Fantuz is grossly overpaid at essentially $200,000 taking into account his production and contribution currently. Tasker has quickly become a much more productive and important clutch possession receiver to the Ti-Cats.
If he is to continue here, Fantuz should agree to something like a 40% reduction in salary to $120,000-$125,000. Even at that number, compare him to Andre Durie at a reported $140,000.
Interesting exercise... offer Fantuz at $125,000 or Durie at $140,000 to each CFL GM and see how many would choose Fantuz.