Giguere rejects TiCats contract offer, will likely hit FA

[u]Giguere rejects Ticats' contract offer, expected to hit free agency[/u] [b]Scratching Post

I'm hearing Canadian receiver Sam Giguere has rejected a new contract offer from the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and is now expected to test the free agent market in February.

Hamilton was offering a moderate pay increase over what Giguere made last season but the three-year veteran is likely hoping to score a bigger pay day on the open market.

The Ticats have started two Canadian wide receivers for most of the past three seasons – usually the tandem on Andy Fantuz and Giguere. Should Giguere depart – and there would be several CFL teams interested – the Ticats would need to find a suitable replacement or look to make a ratio change (which they likely have the flexibility to do.) Fantuz's injury history – he's played in 29 of a possible 41 games the last two seasons – would also be a concern. [/b]

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Such a shocker

Agree,really not a big surprise. With 15 or so pending FA's we are not going to sign them all. I suspect that Giguere will wind up in either Montreal or maybe even Ottawa. Personally I think that we could be stronger at the receiver position next year if we indeed let Giguere walk. Dyakowski is now healthy again and I'm thinking that if the team goes back to a ratio of 3 Cdns and 2 Imp on the O-Line,then that will allow them to dress and start an extra import receiver next season. Towards the end of last year we had both Koch and Ellingson out of the lineup as are ratio required an extra imp O-Lineman. I would like to see them only start one Cdn at receiver next year (Fantuz)as our depth there is woefully thin with only Coates and Aprile available as backups.
On the O-Line we could move Simmons back to his natural Tackle spot and bookend him with Figueroa,slide Dyakowski back into his starting Guard spot and with the other spots (C/G)designated as Cdn starting positions,we could free up the extra imp spot that was Giguere's for Koch or Ellingson(providing we can resign him). In Giguere's three seasons here he has been serviceable but not spectacular and I really can see him being easily replaceable if he chooses to sign elsewhere in the off season.

He made the odd good play, just like Chris Bauman did. I don't see him having great success anywhere as a wide-out but, as a SB in Ottawa, his future might be brighter. Or, as a back-up in Montreal, at least happier. Bonne chance, Samuel.

Oh, the Chris Bauman analogy really hurts. At least Sammy plays special teams as well as receiver. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)

I would think Sam heading to Calgary or Edmonton is likely because he's involved with the Canada national bobsled team, and I believe they are based in Calgary.

I'm quite alright with saving $$$ for a preferred FA

At one time early in his career in Hamilton I thought Sam was a serious threat every time he was on the field. However, after
three years Sam never really looked comfortable at wide out Z position. We could have done worse but i believe we could do a lot better with an import or a Spencer Watt type of player.

Giguere player VERY well at SB when Fantuz was hurt (again) late in the season. NO CFL WR on the wide-side has many passes thrown their way - a function of the wide field. Giguere never seemed to take a play off, ran every route as if he was the primary receiver - more often than not acting as a decoy for guys like Banks, Tasker, Fantux, etc., was an exceptional downfield blocker, and caught everything thrown to him. He also played on STs, is more than capable of returning kicks and punts, and has the speed and strength required to be a force at SB. Too bad we had excellent, but slower, International receivers that would be a poor fit at WR playing SB the past two years...


Thanks for your contribution to the thread

my post contributed as much as Sammy G has :lol:


Oh? Did you also throw the block that sprang Speedy B for a TD at THF this year? :o

Sorry imma marquee player i dont "do" special teams. :wink:

Honestly though we can do better than Sammy G not saying he's horrible but this year we had better options and the only thing saving him was a silly ratio rule.

I trust the coaches have offered him what they think is fair for him, he didnt like it, lets move on.

Fair enough, although I believe it wasn't a kick return - it was either a sweep or short pass from Collaros, and not a special teams play.

I was just trying to point out (hopefully in a humourous way) that receiving is only a small part of his game. Although we do have the best Canadian receiver in the league, without Sammy I don't believe we have a bona fide replacement when he gets hurt (and he has had injury issues since he has worn the Black and Gold). If we lose Sammy I hope 83 does not get injured in 2015. :slight_smile:

most definitely humorous and all good points esp about Andy.

marquee player ?????? special teams ??????? I thought you were on the practice roster :wink:

If the Cats offered Giguere a contract slightly better than last year's,
I would say he would be amply paid for the very small contribution he makes to this team.

So long, Sammy and good luck!

I think SG was seriously under used, If you're not going to throw to him what's the use of having him around ? Whenever he was called on to make a play or throw a block or hustle down on Special teams he was there.
And he is probably within an eyelash of being a good reliable Canadian receiver who started to come into his own when all the FA'S we signed (Ellinson Koch etc.) were hurt.
We've got a history of developing players and the giving up on them IMHO.