Giguere Off To Good Start at Colts' Camp

A report on the Indianapolis Colts' website notes that one of the highlights of today's morning practice was a 45 yard touchdown reception by Samuel Giguere. If he can keep up the good work, the Ticats might not see him for awhile.

On another news item, reports that former Alouette safety Etienne Boulay has been released by the New York Jets. If he clears waivers over the next 48 hours, he will probably return to play for the Alouettes.

The Colts like him as a back up 5th WR.

He may stick but it too Early to tell

Giguere would be nice to have, but I don't think we need him at this point. Chris Bauman is really stepping it up, we need to throw the ball his way some more.

i disagree , Giguere would be another Non import which gives us more flexible at another position say maybe DL or safety ??

Yes but if he came here there is no way he would start for the first few weeks, and maybe the whole season, which means he will not affect the ratio as much. I would love to have him here, but I don't think NI receivers are our biggest priorities at this point. NFL D-line and O-line cuts, there is a necessity.

Well besides Rodriguez do you have any confidence in the other rookie recievers we`ve brought in ? I mean i keep hoping they break out and start being CFL ready recievers but ......

Guys , early pre season means nothing in the NFL, remember Lumsden in Seattle and Wash, I read reports back then that he was a lock for at least special teams, and how impressive he was. Got him no where.

He ran into injury problems down thier twice .

If Giguere comes back we can trade him for a
good starting canadian o-linemen

He is a great asset to the team. If you can get him here you get him here. If he can start great and if not you use your assets at a position of strength to build a position of we could trade him for a reciever. LOL.
It comes down to bringing him in for sure if he is released. Then decide, he may be better than bauman and either of those guys might get some interest.

could you imagine this starting line-up....

Rodriguez Miles Bauman Gigure

Thats a serious core.