Giguere Has Surgery

I just saw on Giguere's Twitter account a pictur of his hand/wrist in a case and he writes "Just out of surgery" I wonder how long he is out for?

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Oh sh*t , bad news , well lucky we have sticky :?

Absolutely right, to all those fans who thought I was crazy that the Tiger-Cats should play Dave Stala if he is healthy, I guess he will get his opportunity? I hope Sam Giguere gets well and back again but great that this team has the depth to draw upon in bringing in Stala, I think having Dave Stala on the offense gives Henry another experienced target to throw to and both Stala and Fantuz compliment each other well.


Is this post BS or True?! Didn't hear anything on news or on official Ticats news? Surgery ?

Its Truuuuu :cry:

Bad luck. He was becoming an important part of the offence. Hope he recovers quickly. First the toe thing, now this. Bummer man.