Giguere a TiCat by March?

It appears Giguere must make an active NFL roster this time around to stick with the NFL as he has exceeded the PR limit...

But Giguère is now free agent and out of practice roster time — players can only spend a limited number of years on the reserve list — meaning he must make an NFL 53-man active roster. The other alternative is to sign with the Ticats, who still retain his CFL rights. Agent Scott said. “Once he’s exhausted his NFL opportunities, he’s interested in coming to the CFL.? “I haven’t thought about trading him because I don’t think anyone is going to make a good enough offer to justify even considering it,? O’Billovich said. “We’ve been very patient waiting for this guy and we want to see if he can help us.? Scott says it’s unlikely Giguère will make a decision regarding his future until March when NFL teams start organizing their rosters for the 2012 season and O’Billovich seems willing to wait.
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Sign Fantuz, and trade Giguere to Montreal for a top quality defensive player, either lineman or DB.

optimal ideas CK although Obie does not seem to believe he would receive much in return for Giguere..

“I haven’t thought about trading him because I don’t think anyone is going to make a good enough offer to justify even considering it,? O’Billovich said. “We’ve been very patient waiting for this guy and we want to see if he can help us.?


IMO, he's just trying to set the bar as high as he can before shipping him off to Montreal.

I don't think he would get much either. He hasn't played a down of football in how long? I'm so sick of hearing about this kid. I don't blame people for going where the money is, but this is getting to the point of ridiculous. He obviously thinks he's too good for the CFL and mostly the Ticats. Another Corey Mace (where is he again?)

I wouldn't sign Fantuz or Giguere until I see what they can do. Both were injured and no guarantees that they can return to their pre-injury fitness. Fantuz is overpriced and I'm sure that Giguere's agent will be trying to get the max price. They describe Giguere's injury as a "serious groin injury" that's a serious injury to recover from:

Here he is doing off season training [url=] ... 7175399118[/url]

It's too bad that we have to pay Canadians more money because of the quota and reduced talent base, too many positions and not enough decent NIs to fill them. I see that Scot Flory a Guard in Montreal is making $150,000 a year!

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Yeah mike, Canadians just deserve to make enough to pay for their dinners on road trips and maybe a free brewski, they aren't worth more than that I'm sure on the football field. :roll:

Ok, ok I know you're not saying that to be fair. :?

Don't take it seriously, Earl. Mikem loves to harp on the NI ratio issue at every opportunity, however remotely related it may be to the subject at hand.

It's directly related to the topic - we have Flory a NI Offensive Lineman making $150,000 a year!! We have people bending over backwards to get Fantuz and pay the guy $400,000 a year when there are dozens of I's that can do the job cheaper! Most posters just dance around the issue and it's a big problem when we are trying to sign free agents and trying to fill the NI positions - we wouldn't have these problems with a reduce NI ratio.
But please don't go off topic and put words in my mouth and that I am talking about getting rid of Canadians. I always get the same response from people they start yapping about the league wouldn't be Canadian without Candadians etc
I am talking about "reduced NI" quota since we don't have a lot of NI talent these days to choose from and we have another team entering the CFL in two years. With a "reduced" NI quote we can tell guys like Giguere or Fantuz or Flory "stuff your demands"

I agree with you 100% mikem. I would like the non-import starters to be reduced,in the next collective agreement,to 5 or 6.

If Fantuz was an import,he would have been released long ago. In the past 6 years,he averaged 720 yards a season and only once over 1,000 yards; yet, fans are talking of paying him $200,000 or more. Does not deserve. I don't want him on my team.-Als- He could not even make the practice roster of the Chicago Bears.

Same could apply to Rottier who, apparently,was signed for $140,000 by Eric Tillman. What has he accomplished Rottier? We could have a better import lineman for way less. Same with LaBatte and on and on.


He obviously does not want to be here, so why bother signing him or even talking about him. Trade him for a bag of balls


Giguere worked a Superbowl special on Montreal TV. He and his agent are looking for a camp invitation and it is looking good that he will get one. I would not expect him till he gets cut from an NFL training camp. With the shakeup in Indianapolis he may get a shot there. I would be surprised to see him until August/September if at all.

And then there's another training camp next year, and on and on. :roll: He's a professional training happy camper.

Would he sit out completely for an entire year just to try out at another camp next year? Odds are that if he doesn’t make it onto an NFL roster this year, he won’t show up in Hamilton, demanding a trade to Montreal in the hopes of playing a year or two before retiring into a broadcasting position.

I can’t see him playing for us. Ever. Not sure I even want him to.

See my response here -

I hear you, Catfish. He's like one of those professional students who never seems to be finished school.

Sorry, but I think this guy is way more trouble than he's worth. Trade his rights and be done with him. Let his act aggravate another team's GM.

Do the Ticats retain his rights forever until they either trade his rights, or he signs a contract and that contract expires?

If it is a forever thing, why not hold on to his rights? Why give a potential asset to a division rival for nothing, when the Cats have done what they can to sign him? If he doesn't make an NFL roster, he doesn't play, unless its for Hamilton. Simple as that. No aggrevation to the GM. Off him a contract, if he doesn't take it, he sits down to watch football....and he's been pretty good at doing that the last few years.

He's only 26. Corey Watson came into the league at 27... and he really wasn't ready to be a pro receiver out of College. OB thinks he has leverage but he really does not. This is similar to Corey Mace's situation. You can't force a guy to play for you. If he show's up in September on a 1+1 you get very little production and the second year you either trade him or lose him for zilch. Look at Fantuz, Taman could have traded him last year for a decent return, instead he was a huge distraction, unproductive and now will likely get nothing for him. With the money being paid in the CFL I understand guys who want to play at home. It may work in Hamilton's favour in Fantuz case and against in Giguere's case.

I believe once a draft pick wishes to report the team has 30 days to submit an offer that must contain a 1+1 year offer. This can happen at any time during the calendar year.

And if the player rejects the offer, can he then sign with anyone he wants? Something tells me that a drafted player must have restrictions on him for some period of time after agreeing to report. Otherwise, players who want to play for a specific team would be able to say they want to report to the drafting team, reject whatever contract they were offered, and then contact their chosen team. What would be the point of the draft in that case?