Giguere a TiCat by March?

It appears that Giguere must make an active NFL roster to stick with the NFL this time around as he has exceeded the PR limit..

But Giguère is now free agent and out of practice roster time — players can only spend a limited number of years on the reserve list — meaning he must make an NFL 53-man active roster. The other alternative is to sign with the Ticats, who still retain his CFL rights. agent Scott said. “Once he’s exhausted his NFL opportunities, he’s interested in coming to the CFL.? “I haven’t thought about trading him because I don’t think anyone is going to make a good enough offer to justify even considering it,? O’Billovich said. “We’ve been very patient waiting for this guy and we want to see if he can help us.? Scott says it’s unlikely Giguère will make a decision regarding his future until March when NFL teams start organizing their rosters for the 2012 season and O’Billovich seems willing to wait.
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Good post for the CFL forum. I have been wondering if Giguere would ever come to the CFL. much like a Cory mace thing.

Giguere has said on Twitter or somewhere that he would like to play for the Als. Wonder if the Ticats try move him to the Als if they snag Fantuz?