Giguere a tempting choice at the #1 pick

Got to like this guy's confidence and humbleness.

According to the TicatsTV clip on him, Giguere says he has speed, is a deep threat, LOVES to block (and would happy doing so for Lumsden), but knows he has things to work on, and likes to train and sharpen his skills.

This guy sounds like the real deal.

I wouldn't be surprised if we took him at #1. I think we need to surround Printers with as many weapons as possible, and right now we could use a few more. (Including taking Darryl Stephenson with our #2 pick so we have an adequate non-import back to Lumsden).

I think Creehan will go with 5 imports at DB, (including Griebel at safety), so I could see this
scenario taking place.

with 5 import dbs, we could use more non-import depth at reciever
we could even start two non-imports, with Gigeure at wr and Bauman at slotback.

Woodcock,Bauman,Giguere and French could be our Canadian receivers in training camp. Giguere was clearly the best athlete at the evaluation camp. For our second pick I’d be looking at a linebacker. Emry, Araki, St.Pierre, Labbe, or Kashama might be around by the time we pick again. If Obie doesn’t take Giguere it will probably mean that he has traded the first pick overall for more picks(which I doubt)or a starting Canadian player.
I agree that Giguere should be our pick.That would give us the next generation Jason Clermont-Paris Jackson (Bauman-Giguere).
Pat Lynch (the old guy in section 7 )

I too think they will take Gigeure over Barker. Its not that Barker isnt good enough, but as previous posters have stated, the Bauman-Gigeure match up could be quite the wrecking crew. I think Creehan would rather the imports anyways.

On another note, Onknight, I think you said Scott Coe went to Peg...but I haven't seen any mention of it at or any Calgary/Winnepeg newspapers. Maybe he'll end up here after all?

Like I said before - I would be nervous about picking Giguere 1st overall. I think the video showed Creehan saying Giguere is that good, that he could be NFL material. In that case, it would be a wasteful pick.
My heart says Giguere, but my brain says Barker....
The Eagle - :thup: :thup: :thup: :cowboy:

i don't even recall Giguere in the talks for first overall pick before this e camp. it doesn't matter how good a guys 40 time is or bench press is, it's how he plays football.

No I said I Would not be Shocked if he Sign there
He From the Peg.
as For Draft I still Like Barker better
As said in an other Thread FS is a Bigger Need.

My mistake, thanks for the clarification :smiley:

I would prefer to draft Barker. I know many of you think that Beveridge should be the starter, but I still havent seen that from him. I think he is a great back up and good special temas player. Baker would be set us at the safty position for years.

Obie has said Matt Griebal would have made the B.C. team at free safety if not for the presence of All Canadian Barron Miles.
Maybe we will put a import in that position, and draft a receiver.

Let brake down the Canadian Starters Starts
we have to start 7 Canadians Min.

here who may start as Canadians:

3 OL LGGagne-Marcoux C Hage RG Hudson
1 RB Lumsden
1 FB Piercy or Radlein
1 WR Woodcock or French or Bauman
1 LB Mariuz or Botterill

We have Depth we could go S or WR.

I just think Safety is better use of a Non Import Spot.

I think Gauthier will show everyone in Camp that he deserves to be starter, but I digress.

Dylan Barker is not a sure-fire starting-safety, just as Giggy isnt a sure fire starting receiver. I think that we should draft Giguere if only because we need better wheels in the receiving corps and he's got hands as well.

Route running comes with time, speed does not.

The Ticats are holding FA Agents Camps State Side
The camps are in Tampa on March 30.
Then Dallas Texas TBA
Then Somewhere California TBA

Also Ken Peters said should be New signings this week .

And Creehan went with all import DBs in his recent time with the Stamps defence - Wes Lysack was a good play-maker and strong tackler at safety before in the CFL but he played little for them the past couuple of seasons.
IF the safety position is pencilled in for Americans only, then doesn’t really make much sense to draft Barker - there are a bunch of other good NI back-up safety / special teamers already on the roster - why add Barker to the list? Giguere would have probably a better chance to play some at receiver; but then again, it might be pencilled in that only one Canadian plays at receiver as well, but you still need back-up receivers for a large position group.

To the person who was talking about e-camps and how 40 times and bench press don't mean nothing. I don't know if you have been paying attention to the combine in the NFL or the E-Camp here, but those two are not the only things scouts are watching for. They have the vertical which is in the same category as the 40 and bench but is more important for the receivers. There are a lot more drills that the scouts and coaches are there for, the one on ones and other receiver/defensive back drills show them how well the players can perform.

From what I have seen/read Dylan Barker didn't show in some of the drills like they thought he would.

Also they said Samuel Giguere had an outstanding e-camp and put up some impressive numbers. They said there only big concern was Giguere didn't show he had sure hands, but that sure changed in the e-camp for them. Watching Giguere make those catches in that video as a former TE/WR in high school I was known for my hands(cuz the speed wasn't there at 250lbs :lol: ) when I watched him catch the ball he certainly showed me that he has what it takes to catch with the best of them. The one on ones that I watched in that video as well were impressive, when he was putting a 5 yard distance between him and the DB and making the over the shoulder catches I even said out loud to my self "wow this kid has speed and hands".

So if I had to pick either Dylan Barker or Samuel Giguere to draft at #1 and I looked at our team right now, on defense we really don't need a safety if we get one or two solid DT's to improve our pass rush.

So I turn to receiver and in my opinion they were the weakest part of our team last season. Now with Tony Miles as our #1 guy, and Armstead and Murphy battling for #2, and Bauman, French, Walker and Woodcock battling for the #3 and #4 spot.

I just think it will better our team if we add Samuel Giguere into the mix of receivers to have the best competition in training camp. Also we need to provide Printers with the best possible receivers to throw to, and adding Samuel Giguere would be the beat possible pick for us in this years draft.

The only disagreement I would have with Onknight is that I would pencil Mackay in at DE and take out Radlien/Piercy at FB. Unless Charlie has a change of heart I think Dickerson will be at that FB/TE/H-Back position.

As for who to take with the #1 pick I would be tempeted to go with Gigeure over Barker but I don't think you could go wrong with either one. One of the reasons I'd choose Gigeure over Barker are the comments made on Ti-Cats TV concerning the potential to convert Barker to an outside linebacker and I think Gigeure actually has a higher upside than Bauman. Also nice to hear of a reciever who actually LIKES to block.

Funny thing I forgot Mackay was Canadian..
Your He should start..