Gift from the Inlaws

My inlaws are long time tiger-cat fans. My wife was a season ticket holder before we met.

Yesterday they dropped by an Easter gift for us. They are starting to 'give away' some of their memorabilia. My FIL's Tiger-Cat collection is immense.

My wifes favourite Ti-Cat was Dave Stala. Mine is shown in my avatar. Unfortunately I don't think they have any Ang memorabilia, but these pieces are awesome!

My FiL tells me this was a game ball.

This was autographed after the game I was told

Then this for my wife


You guys sound like a great football family. Nice to see and enjoy the gifts.

I always enjoyed watching Stala play, and the guy was a real character too in an era when so many players just give standard answers and talk in cliches.


Hacky sack Stala