Gibson's Finest Fan

Hello all!
I am a dedicated Ticat fan that has been selected as one of the 32 finalists for the Gibson's Finest Fan contest. For the last 9 years I have been attending (almost) every Ticat game with my mom, dad, and grandpa, have learned so much, and have become incredibly passionate about the team. If I win the grand prize in the contest I will be bringing the three of them to Calgary with me to enjoy the festivities and game. I am a struggling grad student in occupational therapy at McMaster, so the opportunity to win this trip would mean a phenomenal few days that I could definitely not otherwise afford (and the $1000 spending money would go a long way with groceries!).

It only takes moments to vote. You can vote here:
My video can be found in the Ticat section (obviously!), is the second one down, titled "OSKEE WEE WEE", by Kelly. It shows myself and a friend sporting inflatable tiger suits, oskee wee wee'ing, and scaring away some dreaded argos fans.

You can vote once per IP address, per day, until Saturday the 14th (ie. the day before we fingers crossed host a playoff game!)

I would be infinitely happy if I won this prize! Thanks for all of your votes!!!
Happy Saturday! Eat em raw!


Great video Kelly, you have my vote!!!

I have been selected as one of the finalist for the Argos and would really apperciate yours!!! Mines called "All My Prized Possessions...even my dogs name is Argo!"

[url=] ... ediaId=767[/url]

Good luck in the playoffs!!!!

Thanks, I voted for you :smiley:
I as well as you probably hope we kick the snot out of those annoying Pegger's. After all they beat the Argo's narrowly when they did beat them.

Great video good team spirit but i voted for Tom .... Spirit of the game is everywhere so very hard choice to be the number 1 fan !
Keep up the good work Kelly , Tom, Dick, Sandy

Good showing from all you :thup:

a lady with a PT cruiser in my Neighborhood and she would get my vote !!! :rockin:

Thanks for your support everybody!!!
Argomania, I just went in and voted for you!... great passion for football, even if it is for the wrong team.

Loved your get my vote....
I challenge all Ticat fans to Vote for you because as I understand it, if you win the grand prize you would get to present
Arland Bruce with the Most Outstanding player award during the Grey Cup festivities.
..........Inflatable Tiger Lady meets the "masked" ticat, that would be a treat! :rockin:

Both of you got my vote. Great job and good luck.

That's a great idea! I may name my next dog "Argo" that way I can come home from work and command, "Argo, you lazy dog, get off the couch. No bone for you." On second thought, I guess I'd have to name him "Blue Team".

Couldn't name my dog that, but when he was a puppy he was trained to do his business to the A word :smiley:

I see the contest doesn't end till the 14th
i'm voting once per day!.......good luck

That was funny! Thanks for the support guys. I don't want anyone from the Riders to win...they win all online polls.

Good luck Kelly, I'm voting for you!

i voted again to-day.....I want a CatFan to win!

Thank you so much for the votes everybody. Good luck to you argomania!

great to see you in poerson at the pep rally…good luckin your voting

I spent over an hour "working" the corner of Longwood and Main this morning with Kelly and we had a riot jacking up all the drivers passing by and eliciting barrages of constant horn honking for the Tiger-Cats.......she's a pistol ! :lol: Even the Ticats cheerleaders joined in with both of us.........and man, the horns went crazy !......hahahaha

I was very impressed with her positive attitude, fun loving nature and her obvious love for the Tiger-Cats.....

She just got my vote....

Good Luck Kelly in your goal to be at the Grey Cup as our Gibson's Finest Fan ! :rockin:

Thanks Frugal! It was great to see you as well! The pep rally was a fun way to begin the weekend!
Thanks again for your votes!

Wow, thank you deerhunter (I'm sorry I've just realised I never asked your name today) what a kind message.
I definitely had a great time this morning, even if I couldn't stay at the pep rally the entire time. Many Ticat fans have great enthusiasm for the team which was lovely to be a part of.
Thank you so so much for the vote!
And thank you to anyone else that has voted for me (or others), a trip to the Grey Cup would be magnificent.

If you are still interested in voting, you can vote today and tomorrow (once per day per IP address) at the following link: ... ediaId=254 or go to, and pick the Ticats... I am the second entry listed (Kelly Bashak) and I'm wearing an inflatable tiger suit.

Thanks and happy Friday!!!

Hello fellow Ticat fans!
Today is the last day of the Gibson's Finest Fan contest.
I would love if you voted for me again (or for the first time)!
Here is the link: ... ediaId=254

I hope that everyone makes it to the game tomorrow and brings as much noise and aggression for the lions as they can!
Thank you x 100
Eat em raw,

I just clicked on another vote for Kelly…I’m urging everyone else to take a sec and do the same…


Here's the new message on the Gibson's voting page: (I went there to try to sneak in one more


Good Luck Kelly !!

Oskee Wee Wee! :thup:

(crossing my fingers and toes for you) :stuck_out_tongue: