Gibson's Finest Fan - VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE pass this on to anyone you know. I really need your help. I'm an Argo fan and have had nothing to cheer about this season. Please help me finish this season on a high note!

I was lucky enough to be chosen as 1of 32 finalists, 1 of 4 from the Argos!

I am begging you all to visit starting Nov 6 at 9am (PT)

Voting can be done daily until Nov 14, one vote per IP address per day. the photo is of me in my room wearing all my Argo gear and holding my dog who's name is Argo

Thank you in advance!


i'll look tomorrow, when they show them..

I think it should go to the Ticat fan that climbed the uprights :lol:
Not only was that stunt insane and done by a diehard fan, but it also turned ALOT of heads to the CFL. Just my two cents :cowboy:

I don't know who the representative for the Ti-Cats is...but a diehard fan would not do something to get himself banned from the games.

I'm just asking for some support. It'll all begins at noon today

I'm 1 of 32 finalists, 1 of 4 finalists to represent the Montreal Alouettes.

Please visit: ... diaId=1429

and vote for me....anyone here posting their link, I'll vote for you.

Eric aka XGamer