Gibson's Finest Fan - Vote for Jen! (Mulder's Wife!)

Hey Guys, My Wife has been selected as a finalist for Gibson's finest fan!

Starting Saturday, she also needs votes to make it to the big game in Edmonton!
just goto and look for "Jennifer Hart's" Entry, or the Entry named "An Invitation to a Double Blue Wedding"

Reasons why to vote for Jen?

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You can vote once per day per IP address, so vote once from Home, School, Work, Library, even your smart phone!

Here is what our wedding invitation looked like!

Voting is now open!

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Thanks for all the votes

She has to be Gibson's finest fan. How else can you explain Ticat supporters voting for an Argo fan? Go Jen, a true credit to CFL fans everywhere! :thup:


Bump for the day you can vote once per day per IP

Bump! 2 days of Voting left!