Gibson's Finest Fan - Please Vote!

I have been selected as a finalist, and need your help to win: a trip to Grey Cup in Vancouver!

The contest is being done through facebook this year, so you have to have an account to vote. Once on facebook, search 'Gibsons Finest Fan Contest', enter the site, and vote!

Once you have voted for your favourite Argo's finalist, please take a moment to add a vote for me - Barry S. for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Each team will qualify a winner, so voting for me after you throw in your vote for your Argos pick will allow me the chance to get to Vancouver for the big game!

Why vote for me? The following video will show you how I put the 'Fan' in 'Fanatic'!

View My Video

Thank you for your votes - you can vote EVERY DAY between now and November 14th - and hope to see you in Vancouver for Grey Cup!