Gibson's Finest Fan - Please Vote!

have been selected as a finalist, and need your help to win: a trip to Grey Cup in Vancouver!

The contest is being done through facebook this year, so you have to have an account to vote. Once on facebook, search 'Gibsons Finest Fan Contest', enter the site, and vote!

Once you have voted for your favourite Eskimo finalist, please take a moment to add a vote for me - Barry S. for the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Each team will qualify a winner, so voting for me after you throw in your vote for your Eskimo pick will allow me the chance to get to Vancouver for the big game!

Why vote for me? The following video will show you how I put the 'Fan' in 'Fanatic'!

View My Video

Thank you for your votes - you can vote EVERY DAY between now and November 14th - and hope to see you in Vancouver for Grey Cup!


You got my vote Barry; however you are on page 3 with 7 votes so far. Good luck.

Much appreciated!

Yep - I've got an uphill battle ahead of me, but with the help of great people like you, I may get to Grey Cup yet!


Another vote for you Berry; 28 votes...not sure how many the leader has though?

Again - thank you!

I see I’m currenlty 4th our of the Rider fans, but I lot of my friends, famlly, etc., are having problems getting in to vote. Hopefully they get it figured out and get their votes in.

The contest runs right up to next Monday, so each vote helps!

Yup, 55 votes now.

Again, I can only express my thanks for your help: lots of my co-workers have simply given up because they can't get onto the voting page, which is a poor statement on the 'user-friendlyness' of the site....

As an aside: AWESOME helmet you've got pictured! The Esks have only made subtle changes to their helmets and uniforms over the yeras, but that was always my favorite. Much nicer than what they use now! Lets hope the changes reportedly being made to everyone's uniforms next year don't deviate too much from the proud tradition of the Green and Gold!

I had trouble some what at first as well; typed in gibsons finest fan and it came up - then you must click like this page (with the thumbs up icon - I did that and then another page came up; I clicked to allow gibsons access to my personal info - lastly refreshed the page and I was in which allowed me to vote.
I'm old school; the uni's in the late 60's and early 70's is what I liked best. Anyway, it's good to talk with you and one day in the future we can hook up in Regina or? Another thing when I was growing up I liked Calgary - a friend of mine back then cheered for Sask. - from 1966 to 1972 we had fun at school razzing each other = Riders/Stamps had priceless West Finals.

They sure don't make it easy for people to access the site....

I grew up over-seas and didn't move back to Canada until 1976, so it is the uniforms from that era that I started with and enjoy the most. I've really apprecated how the CFL has brought back the Retro jerseys over the past few years - I hope that continues into the future.

And back in those days, I was living in Ottawa, which wasn't easy for a green Rider fan - especially after the '76 Grey Cup!

I call Winnipeg home now, and only get to Regina for Labour Day. If you happen to be there then, or end up in the 'Peg, it would be a pleasure to sit down for a beer or two and compare notes on our CFL experiences! It's this type of thing that makes the CFL and it's fans the very best there is!!


I'll just keep putting my vote in daily, but in the meantime we'll see what happens down the road Barry on a Meet & Greet (likely in the Peg though); and also there is the PM feature.