Gibson's Finest Fan contest -- Alouettes fan

Today is the final day to cast your vote for the Gibson’s Finest Fan contest to go to the 99th Grey Cup in Vancouver. Even though my beloved Alouettes won’t be going, each CFL team gets a representative and I’d be honoured to be Montreal’s.

I won’t win the grand prize, but I can still win a secondary prize by being the top vote-getter amongst the 4 Alouettes finalists.

In order for me to go and represent the Montreal Alouettes, I need you, your friends, your family & so on to log into Facebook and do the following:

[url=] ... 3141696635[/url]

That’s the link to click…..You may have to “LIKE? the page first & allow pop-ups briefly. But once it loads up, then you click on the VOTE FOR YOUR FAVOURITE NOW button, then the higher of the 2 visible Alouettes logos, then look for Clifford P. and click VOTE NOW. That’s it!

Again, I’m one of 4 Alouettes finalists and the one with the most votes wins the trip, so please also pass along the word to everyone you know.Voting ends tonight at 11:59PM EST.

Your voting is much appreciated and I hope that when it’s all said and done, I am able to represent the Montreal Alouettes this year at the 99th Grey Cup.

Thank you once again for your time & consideration.

You already have my vote for the past few days! (voted everyday)

Best of luck! :thup:

I truly appreciate it...and it was good to finally put a face to the name at the tailgate this past Sunday!

My wife & I have enjoyed the Tailgate party before the game. It was good to finally meet you, XGamer, & LeStaf in person!
Looking forward to doing this again next year