Gibson's Finest - false advertising

Just watched the Gibson’s Finest add. Is it false advertising, because the Stamps don’t really have anyone who could tackle that lawn bowler by themselves do they? Same goes for the Bomber and the tennis player. Just wondering.

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Good one Mongo good one! now will rapidroy understand it!

WOW! At least if you are going to put a team down , make sure that they are losing team and not third in the whole CFL. :wink: :lol: :wink:

And GIBSON'S is great stuff! :o

HT, he is a bit misguided right now being a Bomber fan! However, If the Als continue to slide the Bombers and Argos have a chance to move up up!

And if the ARGOS beat HAMILTON the ARGOS will be 2 points behind the ALS. :thup:

Now, I ask you, am I a horrible person?

After that Gibsons commercial where the Stamp tackled the old lady, I laughed my ass off for 5 minutes.

No word of a lie.

I agree that was funny!

....Gibsons Finest sure beats some of the commercials i have been deluged with....BUT....are they using actual players from the CFL in them...or stand-ins...the Bomber guy hitting the tennis player looks a little like Hebert...the Calgary player is impossible to identify.....could be Coe.....i think its a great attempt to get away from the run-of-the-mill commercials.....but in the end ...sorry Gibsons...i prefer Glenfiddick.....(i know its scotch and foreign) :lol:

You know dad I told you to much "Glenfiddick" will effect the brain. And in most of your posts it shows. :lol:, now, my son....i have saved a little Glenfiddick for you ...thought it might be a nice idea it will allow you to get the crow down a little easier...its a nice celebration drink as well....damn i'll have to go out and buy a few more bottles...seems i'm going to enjoy a few... :thup: :rockin:

My sons and I laughed at all those commercials. Now, if they’re using actual players, it makes it even better. :slight_smile:

Look dad I know you love the taste of crow and whne your team does not make it to the big game you will need all you have to wash down that wonderful taste you had to endour last year. Think of it as USA Thanksgiving turkey and you will be ok. I though you brewed your own with the still in the back yard did you move it to piggy's house!

Don't you mean the 6th worst team in the whole CFL?