Gibson's Finest Contest

I’m terribly sorry for “SPAMMING ? the board…but I really need your help.

I’ve entered Gibson’s Finest Fan contest and I was lucky enough to be selected as 1 of 32 finalists, 1 of 4 finalists to represent the Montreal Alouettes.

I am begging you all to visit

[url=] ... diaId=1429[/url]

Starting Nov 6 at 12:00:01pm and vote for me !

Voting can be done daily until Nov 14, one vote per IP address per day.

PLEASE, tell everyone you know and PLEASE vote everyday for me!!!

If you enter a contest (or know someone who did) and need online vote, let me know…I’ll vote as much as the rules let me !

Thanks for reading and VOTING for me.

It’s really appreciated !

Eric aka XGamer

Voted. Good luck to you.

Thanks Crimson_Fox, I hope I can return the favor 1 day !

I voted too, good luck fellow Gatinois. :thup:

Thanks DocJ ! :thup:

Voted for you best of luck there

Thanks Mada7 ! :rockin:

OK XGamer, put in my daily votes for you.

Good luck bro! :thup:

To EVERYONE who voted for me...[u]THANK YOU VERY MUCH !![/u]

I've won the Alouettes rep for the Gibson contest & will be able to cheer on [u]OUR[/u] team at the 97th Grey Cup in Calgary !

From the bottom of my heart [u]THANK YOU[/u] !!!!

I hope your good luck follows the Als :thup:

Awesome! Congrats man! :rockin:

Congrats :thup: