Gibson's Finest Ad

During the Esks/Bombers game, I saw a GREAT ad for Gibson’s Finest. It showed a bunch of guys in the 30s or 40s watching a hockey game along the boards, when one of them gets hit by a puck. Then it toasts the inventor of Plexiglass, a great Canadian invention.

I was trying to find a link on youtube or on Gibson’s own website so I could show it to my wife. No dice on both counts. (Gibson’s website is down)

Anyone have a copy of the video that they can link to?

Sorry, don’t know the exact point of the game at which I saw it. I think 3rd Qtr, but not sure.


That wasn’t Gibson’s. It was Crown Royal. Here’s a link to it at YouTube:

They have some other good ones too:
Inventor of instant replay:

Inventor of the television camera:

Inventor of the paint roller:

Here's to Canada's greatest invention, the Robertson Screwdriver.

In my opinion Gibson's has been Canada's greatest invention :stuck_out_tongue:

I saw the Instant Replay one. Pretty good. These are a lot better than those other commercials... is it Canadian Club that has those stupid adventure commercials? Hate those.

Thanks :lol: :lol: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Speaking of Canadian inventions and since this is a football forum, I feel like I should point out that, although it was invented by an American, the "slingshot" goalpost used in both Canadian and American football today was invented in Canada.

That'd be Jim Trimble, by the way, who was also coach of the TiCats from '57 to '62 and Als from '63-'65.