Gibson's CFL Commercial

I am very disturbed with Gibson's CFL commercial on TV. Having a football player tackle an old lady, an old man, etc and dance around as if that is perfectly OK thing to do is very disgusting and not the way CFL should be promoted, never mind corporate $ Gibson's pays.
I hope other CFL fans think twice about Gibson's. CFL should be promoted to target families NOT those who think of drinking!

:( :( :(

get over it.

I think they're hilarious....particularly the Stamps rep chanting "I gotcha, I gotcha, I gotcha....."

The CFL's main audience are those people who drink, males 18+. Not all of those drink but a fair share do.

I actually agree with Faloney!
I have no problem with Gibsons being a sponcer but they could show a little more class in their advertising.

It's all in fun, very funny commercial.
We all have to lighten up in life.

How is it classless to knock over a lawn bowler or tennis player?

When the lawn bowler is 80...... Its classless.

As far as I am concerned, all alcohol ads should be banned......just like smoking ads were!

The reason it's "classless" is so that it's FUNNY. Gibson's (or whoever) probably realizes that, done differently it would be classless, but they do it in such a way that I'm sure even 80-year-old women find it funny. These commercials mock tennis, lawn bowling, croquet, etc a LOT more than they mock seniors ... We're (hopefully!) all going to be 80 years old someday, we might as well get used to the idea ...
Not to mention these are ACTORS. If a player spiked a ball into an 80-year-old's face during a game, THAT would be classless.

While we're at it why don't we just bring back prohibition?

I'm sorry but if you don't like alcohol too bad. While a small part of the population do have problems dealing with alcohol consumption the majority of people are able to drink responsibily and no harm comes from it. Comparing alcohol to smoking is a vast stretch in my opinion.

As for the Gibson's ads he didn't actually hurt that old lady you realize don't you? It's all in fun and I really don't see that there are any negatives that are caused by that ad. Who did it hurt? Nobody that's who.

I think you may have had too much Gibson's before you made that post Ro. :roll:

My mother is 77. She thinks its hilarious. But then she was brought up in an era and area where people didn't go around looking for reasons to be offended.

Gibson's Finest is not the official whiskey of people who sit in front of their computer complaining about harmless commercials.

Blue Dragoon!

Put down your bottle and go read my post again! I said the Ads should be banned not the alcohol.

I know he didn't actually hurt the 80 year old, but by your reasoning, simulating driving through a crowd of people would be OK cause its all fun and no-one actually gets hurt!

it's no big deal... its just a commercial... lighten up!

Then lets lighten up and allow commercials for cigarettes again!!!!

They are only commercials!

I wouldnt care, if people are going to smoke they will smoke, not because some commercial on TV.

Some people take life way too seriously. I find the commercials funny. But, it depends on your sense of humour, or lack thereof. If you don't like it, I guess don't buy Gibsons.

I see your point RO but lets think about this for a sec. We are talking about Alcohol no? A beverage that when consumed in even moderate amounts, changes people in almost a way comprable to the way the Wolfman changed on a full moon night. Beer commercials have always aimed at the funny bone when it comes to their advertising. I mean....they really have no choice do they? People sometimes do funny or stupid things when Beer is around so the commercials must reflect that.

In fact the only serious beer comm. I think I've ever seen was right after 9/11 when Bud did one with the clydesdales (spelling) where they came upon the NYC skyline and had the horses take a bow of respect in front of where the towers used to stand.

Anyone have a vid. clip of this Gibsons commercial?

Is this post for real? Relax you will live longer.

Just drink Crown Royal or Wiser's Oldest.
Then you'll live longer...

The commercials are funny. Not great, but funny.