Gibson finest player awards....

Do you agree with staff picks?

CFL COACH OF THE YEAR Consensus pick: Marcel Bellefeuille My Pick: Id say Hufnagel.

Other potential candidates: Jim Barker (TOR), John Hufnagel (CGY), Marc Trestman (MTL)

MOST OUTSTANDING SPECIAL TEAMS PLAYER consensus pick: Chad Owens (TOR) My pick: Owens seems like a good choice

Other potential candidates: Paul McCallum (BC), Deon Murphy (CGY), Marcus Thigpen (HAM)

MOST OUTSTANDING ROOKIE consensus pick: Solomon Elimimian (BC) My pick: Thigpen

Other potential candidates: Yonus Davis (BC), Marcus Thigpen (HAM)

MOST OUTSTANDING LINEMAN consensus pick: Marwan Hage (HAM) Not sure who I like for this one

Other potential candidates: Ben Archibald (CGY), Josh Bourke (MTL), Scott Flory (MTL), Jeremy O’Day (SSK)

MOST OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE PLAYER consensus pick: Markeith Knowlton (HAM) My pick: Going with Patrick.. I think he has ha a great season

Other potential candidates: Korey Banks (BC), Chip Cox (MTL), Phillip Hunt (WPG), James Patrick (SSK), Juwan Simpson (CGY)

MOST OUTSTANDING CANADIAN consensus pick: Andy Fantuz (SSK) My pick: Fantuz.. I think this is a no brainer

Other potential candidates: Jon Cornish (CGY), Kevin Eiben (TOR), Dave Stala (HAM)

MOST OUTSTANDING PLAYER consensus pick: Anthony Calvillo (MTL) My pick: Boyd.. I dont think Calvillo has had a stellar year.

Other potential candidates: Cory Boyd (TOR), Henry Burris (CGY), Darian Durant (SSK), Kevin Glenn (HAM)

Agree with the ROY pick.He was just thrown into the fire and made CFL history in his rookie season scoring 5 different ways, something NOBODY else has ever done.That alone should be reason to give him the award.

I agree with Hufnagel, though I could lean Barker, too.

Hands down, gotta be Owens. Although only because O'Shea can't actually win this one. :wink:

Elimimian has been more consistent, but Thigpen has been more explosive. Coin toss for me.

Marwan Hage or Scott Flory. Both are excellent linemen.

I'm gonna go with either Markeith Knowlton or Chip Cox. Both are just game changers. Patrick leads the league in interceptions, but none of his interceptions have felt truly game winning. I mean, any interception will swap the momentum of a game, but when I say game winning plays, I mean like Chip Cox's forced fumble in the dying seconds of the BB/Als game.

No doubt. Fantuz.

Well, that's just false. Calvillo has had a fantastic year. I think the only reason people think he isn't doing well is because his stats aren't as high as they were last year. But that's the thing, he's STILL the best QB in the league now. And you're going to say he hasn't had a stellar year? Last year, Calvillo had a PHENOMENAL year, but that shouldn't take away from how well he's playing -this- year. With that said, it's either Calvillo or Boyd.

Boy I don’t know how chip cox doesn’t win MO defensive player.

I’d make a case for that award plus MOP overall actually. He’s been phenomenal. Best defensive player I have seen in 20 years. very impactful.

Fantuz will win top Canadian but I’d go with Stala. Steadier and more consistent for my money. Fantuz has had 2 big games. Stala has been a stud all year.

Personally, I don't get the whole hoopla about Boyd. Sure he has had a bunch of amazing runs, but then so have all the RBs in the league. And his stats just don't cut it with me.

  • Third lowest RB in the league for TDs;
  • Only 36 yards ahead of Reid on total rushing yards, on 20 more carries;
  • Fourth among RBs for average yards per carry;
  • Highest number of fumbles among RBs (that'll happen when you carry it more, but still...).

So why is he so amazing?

In my opinion, MOP should go to Owens. (Did I just say an Argo should get it? I'm going to burn for that one for sure.) But seriously, his combined yardage is almost 60% more than his next runner up. He's the second leading receiver on the Argos; imagine what his yards would be if Toronto actually had a decent QB. There's always the threat of a return for six every time the opposition kicks the ball. And teams are afraid to try long field goals against Toronto (or should be...Winnipeg!).

He can’t win the MOP as he is not nominated by Toronto for that award. Boyd was. Same as Cox can’t win in Montreal as Calvillo was the nominee. All understandable IMO although "outstanding " and “valuable” definitions get murky. I think the award should go to: "The player on his team without whom success would be next to impossible is the MVP. Not MOP.

But I tend to agree that Owens could be the most outstanding player in the CFL with the ball in his hands imo. Tremendous player who probably was responsible for 5 Toronto wins.

But Boyd is …well…terrific.

note that boyd gets all that offensive yardage with other teams defence keying in on him a lot more then they do on other rb's.

Let me rephrase. Owens should have been nominated, and if he had, he should win. I think Toronto messed up nominating Boyd.

I would go for Owens for either MOP or MVP.

As I said, with a real QB, he'd be amazing. And as a Ticats fan, all I can say is, "Thanks, Cleo."

In my opinion, not.

And the other teams' STs aren't keying on Owens? But I do get your point; however, he wouldn't get as many touches if the rest of the Argos were any good.

where do you get this info. I cant find any info on actual nominees for 2010 for any club.

I'm sorry but rookie of the year will be a BC Lion. Davis has been BC's top player pretty much since he stepped in and is easily the most under-rated of the returners in the league. Elimiman has been a beast as well.

As for MOP, it will be a eastern player for sure. You could argue the top three candidates are from the East (although imo, Kevin Glenn and Henry Burris are interchangable). It will be Boyd or Calvillo winning. Personally I'd go with Boyd, but both are very deserving.

I've always liked Markeith Knowlton, good to see he's getting his due finally...

I find Bellefeuille very surprising. I like him and thought he should have won last year for turning the Ti-Cats from doormat to respectable in his first full season as Head Coach. I'd probably give it Hufnagel. With all that turmoil in Calgary at the start of the season with the mass exodus, he did a remarkable job keeping them together and winning. He deserves it.

No doubt, hands down, this is Owens. I'd like to say Thigpen, but I can't. Chad Owens WILL be MOSTP, no doubt.

You can't go wrong with any of these three guys, Elimimian has been very good, but so has Davis and Thigpen. Hm, this is tough. I really don't know.

Always the hardest award to hand out because the best linemen are the ones you never hear about. I'm not the biggest Hage fan, but I think it's time he got some love, so I'll give it to Marwan.

Markeith, Markeith, Markeith. He absolutely deserves this award. Not taking anything away from any of the others, but Knowlton has been Mr. Everything for the Cats. Some will say Cox, some will say Hunt, some will say Patrick. For my money, no defensive players has been as outstanding as Markeith Knowlton.

Fantuz, no doubt. Stala will get the East nom, but Fantuz will win the award.

This has to be the closest race for MOP I can ever remember. No one has been otherworldly for the entire season. That said, my choice is Smilin' Hank. He has been great this year and deserves it. However, the argument could be made of Boyd, Calvillo and Glenn. I don't know why Durant is listed, he hasn't been on the same level as KG, AC and Burris at QB, nor Boyd at RB. I'm sure that will rile up some Rider fans, but I think it is fair to say that Durant has not had an MOP-worthy season.

Glenn for MOP. Underdog ftw!

mea culpa…
no need to scream…

if this hasn’t been publicly acknowledged then I shouldn’t have said it so definitively and is just surmising.

Go with the possibility that Boyd and Calvillo may not be their club’s nominee for MOP.

not yelling, just highlighting what I was specifically referring to.

Coach of the Year: I'd agree with Hufnagel, or maybe Barker. No to Bellefeuille..

MOSTP: Owens, not even close. I would say Davis and Thigpen deserve mention, but there's no way anyone other than Owens gets it.

MOR: It's close. Elimimian has been awesome. I would go with Davis before Thigpen. Honestly, Thigpen has the record for scoring TDs 5 different ways, but his return averages are pretty low. His KR average is tied with Deon Beasley for the lowest among the regular returners.. heck, it's half a yard lower than Dominique Dorsey's KR average this year.. and it's more than six yards lower than Davis. His PR average is better.. it's fourth among the regular return men.. but still two yards lower than Davis. Thigpen's better than those averages may indicate, but from the games I've seen, Davis has definitely been more of a difference maker. You can't go wrong with any of them, but if I had my pick, I'd probably give it to Davis. Could see the actual award going to Elimimian anyway just because I think the voters would pick a defensive player over a special teamer.

MOL: Hage is a good pick

MODP: There are a ton of guys who have a legitimate case to this one.. tough to call. I'd say Patrick.

MOC: Fantuz in a landslide. Stala should get the East nomination, but doesn't compare to Fantuz. Whoever said Stala is more consistent and Fantuz has just had the two big games.. no. Stala's been held under 50 yards more times (6) than Fantuz (4) has this year, and Fantuz obviously has had the bigger games too.

MOP: It's gonna be AC.. let's not kid ourselves. Durant is not a legitimate candidate.. he's well behind AC, Glenn and Burris in terms of QB play this season. I kind of agree with whoever it was that said Chad Owens. And if the award were called MVP, I'd definitely say Owens or Boyd. But it's MOP, and I'd be shocked if it wasn't AC.

IMHO all picks are justifiable except for Calvillo. Obviously the same computer programming that does the power rankings had nothing to do with these picks. I would suggest that Kevin Glenn should get the nod for MOP.

Wont rile this Rider fan.. Durant was pretty good at the start of the season, but has not had a great 2nd HALF

so what part of being better than Glenn in every single stat despite two less games played makes Calvillo less justifiable of a pick than Glenn?

I really hate when people do this. You need to take into account when Dusty first posted. It was before the Friday games so, for example, Glenn was ahead of Calvillo in passing yards.

I’m not saying I agree with Dusty that Calvillo is unjustifiable, but you make it seem like he’s a complete idiot when, at the time of his posting, your response would not have been correct.

while this is true, and I didn’t notice the post time… even then, AC still have been better in every stat except passing yards (tied in TDs), no? and still would’ve had two less games… Glenn would be my #3 pick for MOP, but I have no idea how anyone could justify picking Glenn when they consider Calvillo an unjustifiable pick… at least not for Most Outstanding Player… Most Valuable I could understand