I told you so..................

Don't know who you mean, but I'm thrilled. The Giants are my favourite team and this will be a great matchup in the Super Bowl.

I am not a packers fan, but I so hate that Eli is going to the big game.

Hope he gets his butt whipped and is the games goat.

....yeah, but you also said the bolts would upend the Undefeated we are not that impressed...

This is going to be a crappy Superbowl to watch.

I was hoping the Packers would pull it out but they fell asleep in the 2nd half and the Giants deserved to win.

Not a fan of either team, although it was a tossup between the Chargers and Pats, don't like either of those teams.

I'll probably root for the Giants and I'll likely watch it but not with any vested interest in the outcome.

They had their chances they just didn't execute. It doesn't matter though my Giants are going to the Super Bowl!

How can you hate Eli Manning? he is a good Quarter Back, a good guy, and funny to. So what if he didn't go to San Diego, they didn't want him either.

yes, they did want him, but not if he was going to have a bad attitude about it.

no rookie has any business declaring they will not play for a certain team. Thats arrogant and egotistical and selfish, to say the least. A pox on guys like eli and eric.

Never understood the "I told you so."

At any rate, I'll only be watching the Super Bowl for two reasons. To see how Eli does and to watch Tom Petty.

Win or lose, I hope Eli has a good game.

Eli is really showing a lot of poise out there and seems to have the respect of his teammates. The Giants D is excellent, should be a good SB.

Well, now that the Packers are out of it, I just want a competitive game. I dont like either team, ambivelance as to who wins has taken over for me. Also, I will be good and drunk at around halftime, so I will have to watch the highlights the next day..LOL

I am going to bet a lot of money on the giants.

I would too lol.

Pats are, 14 point faves, they wont win by that much!

Agree, 14 points favourites, no way.

Exactly! I wish I was ohh... about 3 months older... Then Id make some $$$ lol

We won!!

Congrats to the Giants. Jesus. Both defences need to be congratulated for this game!