GIANTS-JETS fighting over who opens stadium

I found this funny. I think what they should have done is have both teams play a pre-season(which they do every year anyway) and the winner of the game gets to host the first regular season game, you could move the one sunday game to the monday night.

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I think it's funny that the Jets are upset. Yes, they don't get to open the stadium, but they do get the prime time game over the Giants. :lol:

I think if it was the other way around the Jets fans would be pissed that the Giants got the Prime time game. I can't stand Jet fans go thing they never win or they would be worse than Patriot fans.

I only know one Jets fan, and he's a decent guy. I guess he's the exception. :lol:

Me thinks the Giants open up against the Cowboys, Jets open up with the Pats.

Those would be some dynamite games to kick off the season. :thup:

Agreed I love that they are upset, as if you have met as many as have I you might form that same opinion that these are absolutely the worst NFL fans in the country. I don't want anything good to happen to the Jets fans ever.

Think of the humiliation, in retrospect rightful and not enough, of having to play in the former stadium called "Giants Stadium" all those years. I like the players and coach right now, but man those fans and their shills all over US media. :thdn:

And the way the media here ran biased coverage for the Jets before they played my Colts and were soundly trounced after a week I spent dishing out my rawest of trash talk all over the blogs. My oh my were those (expletive) quiet after that beat-down. :rockin:

Mind you they are lower than even Washington and Philadelphia scum, and knowing plenty of both of those that is saying an awful lot too. :smiley:

They must have to be bad to be worse than "Washington or Philly scum."

Does that Dave Spadaro idiot still work for the Eagles' website?

I wonder who should open up the new Pan-Am stadium in the Golden Horseshoe, the Cats or the Argos? Well, that is if Hamilton bungles up the stadium it goes elsewhere as in elsewhere closer to Toronto. :wink:

Just like the Argos should play the Cats in the new Pan Am stadium, the Jets should open up against the Giants.
I can't believe this was not thought of, a PR and TV bonanza.

That's easier said than done. The NFL has a specific way it does the schedule.