Ghaaaaaaa!!!!! Need some news..... must have news....

For the past two months, other than the typical signings of what will likely be early camp cuts, we've pretty much continued debating the stadium. The Chris Williams issue is depressing... and Bob had to re-start an old debate about the import rule.

Now Gerbear is trying to start something but are we really all reduced to reading the crystal ball on a player's number assignment?

I'm going nuts, I tell you.

The Ticats just signed ex-NFL QB Brian Brohm. Drew Edwards just reported it.

I was hoping to be the one to brighten Mark's day with this news. But I'll bump anyways.

And welcome to Hamilton to Brain Brohm, as well as to all the new D linemen, O-linemen, receivers and RBs we've signed in recent days.

I think there's lots of news, the kind you would expect at this time of year.

Maybe some of them are just training camp fodder, but who knows... there might be a new Avon Cobourne or Chris Williams in the group.

I wish all of them the best of success.

8) I do believe that the new QB's name is BRIAN Brohm, not BRAIN, unless you are referring to Bobby Heenan !! :wink:

You're right of course! :smiley:

I love good typos, can't complain when I do it myself. Thanks for pointing it out. :smiley: