GHA Hotel infastructure for a future G.C Game

Ok first off I will say, I do not live in Hamilton so therefore I do not really know how many hotel / motel rooms exist within the Greater Hamilton Area.

With the possibility of a GC game coming to Hamilton within 5 years , is it feasible to believe that 20,000 out of town fans would be able to find accommodation within the GHA and not have to stay in Niagra or Oakville or heaven forbid Toronto.

Bear in mind the accommodation problems that exist this year in Regina , ( a lot of folks did not go because of this) once the media , teams , CFL dignitary's eat up a lot of hotel rooms how many are going to be left, especially in Hamilton where I feel there is a lack of them to begin with. If we don't have the infrastructure how can we have a successful event ?

The GHA is smack dab in the middle of the most populous area in Canada and while rooms may be at a premium in Hamilton proper you would be within one hour to all major hotel franchises with all price ranges that would suit you and your family's need. And just think of having to stay in T.O. as the small evil you'll have to endure to be witness to a Grey Cup held in a brand new state of the art facility . :thup:

I hear what your saying , I have been to many G.C's in the past and have found it is mighty nice to have your hotel room near the activity sites and party area's and not an hour away. ........but that is just me .........maybe most people from out of town would not mind travelling back forth to have a sleep or a break form the action ...but I doubt it.

In Hamilton we have had a few new hotels open up downtown and there are plans for more. This should be a non issue come GC time in Hamilton

Worse comes to worse, get a hotel in Toronto and buy a day pass and take the GO Train or GO Bus at Union station to Hamilton. However, with the new Staybridge Suites and Homewood Suites opening in downtown Hamilton, as well potentially a new hotel run by Carmen's in the core for the Hamilton Convention Centre, rooms should be available.

The disadvantage of a Grey Cup in Hamilton is that it definately has the fewest hotel rooms of any CFL city. Even with a couple of plans for new downtown hotels they could only accommodate a few thousand fans doubling up or tripling up in rooms.
Hamilton built a large Convention Centre suited for a big city but then found out that they can't hold conventions because there were no hotel rooms!!
Out of towners would likely fly into Toronto stay there and come to the GC on game day. Or there are thousands of hotel rooms not too far away in Niagara Falls.

if we can somehow get a Casino/hotel downtown Hamilton we'll be fine for Hotel rooms

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Yes, I think it was Carmens? that wanted to bring in a huge hotel/casino/entertainment complex. Politicians don't have guts to make a decision, they bow to the vocal minority.

Threads like this are just plain stupid. Why bring up a negative discussion about something that has not been announced yet.
Typical for an out of towner to start something without any local knowledge during what is a truly positive time for Hamilton. Let's worry about hotel rooms when they announce were getting the Grey Cup.

There is a Ton of Hotels within the GHA

Yes you are right, why worry there are already plenty of hotel rooms within a 45 minute drive to THF.
Hamilton won't get the benefit that other cities get from a GC but the owner/team should benefit.

Carmen's is correct.. Hard Rock was also a partner. i'll be quite upset if it is a "no vote" but should expect it.

dont get me started on these hypocrites.. in the same breathe its 'no to Downtown cuz it'll spread the plague" but to them putting it in another city is just fine.

hipster NIMBY's

These days - at least in cities that don't very often host the Grey Cup - I don't think anywhere near 20,000 people come in from out of town because locals usually snap up almost all of the tickets. So cities like Hamilton, Regina, Winnipeg would have local fans buy the vast majority of the tickets months in advance. Even if Calgary had qualified for the game Sunday instead of the Riders 40,000+ of the 45.000 seats would be occupied by Riders fans.

I suspect the first time THF hosts a Grey Cup with a capacity some where in the 35,000 - 40,000 range - easily 30,000+ of those tickets would be bought by people living in Hamilton even if the Cats aren't in the game. Many from out of town would of course stay in Hamilton, many hundreds more could easily be accommodated in hotels relatively close (all kinds of hotels along the QEW in Burlington, Oakville. Some would be more inclined to yes stay in Toronto (where most of them would be flying into) and some first time visitors to the area I'm sure would be interested in staying in Niagara Falls since regular GO service from there would be in place by then too.

30 I believe in the area (according to expedia) but not tsure the # of rooms.

although I think they still had the City Motor hotel on queenston as available to rent. hahahah

I have quite a bit of knowledge Lenny , BTW your post is not worth replying to...... although I guess I just did.

See above.....I wasn't going to reply either but couldn't resist pointing out your opening statement. So, do you or don't you have local knowledge?

I get confused easily :roll:

But GC tickets are offered equally to all teams, there are tickets available later on when people in other cities return their tickets when they know their team won't make it. I don't think many Hamilton fans would attend a GC if the Ticats were not there, even if it was in Hamilotn.
If you do a search on Travelocity or Priceline you will see that there are only around 10 hotels in the downtown area, one big one and the rest are small a total of around 750 rooms available. Assuming two people per room the most that could be accommodated in downtown hotels would be around 1,500 people. Most would stay in TO or Niagara Falls.

But GC tickets are offered equally to all teams, there are tickets available later on when people in other cities return their tickets when they know their team won't make it. I don't think many Hamilton fans would attend a GC if the Ticats were not there, even if it was in Hamilotn.


Grey Cuppers that go on a regular basis do not want to be removed from the action , they want to be in the action 24 hours a day for however many days they are there...........That is why when the Regina rooms got gobbled by the tour companies and then resold at inflated prices , some people just said no I am not going. Those folks did not say " well I guess I will get a room in Moosejaw or Saskatoon ".........that is not happening, nor will it happen that GC travellers will stay in Niagara or Toronto.

Now I believe there is solution , but because this is such a stupid post I won't bore you with my perceived solution.... cause everyone is aware of my lack of knowledge.

A little sensitive? I don’t see why your so upset? I don’t see this thread as negative at all, Mr Pike might be an “out of towner” but I know he has been going to games for many years supporting this team and knows the area much better than you think.

lmao we saved the City Motor for Argo fans, heck im sure Mayor Ford would have loved it :slight_smile: