GFL 2023 (German Football League)

A bit early to start this thread perhaps, but I just came across news that Kaleb Scott has signed on to QB the Kiel Baltic Hurricanes in the GFL. That explains why he's not suiting up in the French league.

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GFL feeling the pressure from the ELF. I haven't followed them very closely in the past, but it will be interesting to see how they pick up their streaming game this year.

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Another Canadian signs in the GFL:

Larsen might best be remembered by CFL fans for this controversy:

A bit more on the Scott signing:

Another Canadian player signs in Germany. As near as I can tell, this team plays in a regional circuit below GFL2. If they win the league this year, they can advance to GFL2 next season.

Tolbert at time was on the Roughriders roster. And his father was a long-time CFLer, though perhaps Jonelle would rather not be reminded of the relation.

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