Wow, I was impressed with his play today. Sure-handed catches and looked really strong fighting for extra yards. One touchdown and drew a flag in the endzone that led to a second. Looked like a veteran in his first playing time as a pro. I hope this is a sign of things to come. Canadian player of the week for the third week in a row for the Riders?

Getzlaf, Nicholson, and Fantuz.

Big, bruising, dominating Canadian recievers.

I like the "fight" in this guy. His fundementals are good, and his heart is outstanding.

Yeah, me too. I found that he did a great job. I was really pleased and proud of another Sask-born and raised Rider.

We're going to have a bundle of Canadian starters soon. We've got Grant, Bagg, Fantuz, Nicholson, Palmer, Getzlaf. I'm guessing that Palmer will be the odd man out, and Grant probably next after that.

Palmer will be dropped and Grant will be let go due to salary cap reasons. Where skill level is similar, $$$$ win. Maybe we can trade one or two.

Seriously though, have you ever seen as many good Canadian receivers in the leagues as we have now? Seems every team has at least one solid one and some teams (like the Riders) have several.

Don't forget David McKoy. On the injured list all year, but has great potential!

He made some sharp D to D passes, and chipped in with some good one-timers from the slot for a big game!

Even though Getzlaf had a good game, i don't think his stats warrant a CPOW (Cdn player of the week). If he does get the award, wouldn't this be the FIRST week this year that we get a player of the week AND win the game?

I really like how he runs disciplined routes and presents himself as a large target for our QB, and I think Getzlaff will finish 2008 as an impact player for us.

I like Getzlaf (I am related to him so I have to like him), Fantuz and Bagg to be out there Nicholson has the size but I am not sold yet, was he in the lineup last night?

Nicholson is injured, I believe. I guess we could match the recievers with the secondary on a week-by-week basis as to if we want big, tall, bruising recievers or if we want smaller, speedier guys.

Either way. Getzlaf make a case to remain a starter. He basically did everything right. Ran good routes and got open, caught the balls thrown to him, made some blocks, protected the ball, fought for YAC yards.

Good for Getzlaf. He caught very well thrown passes to him that were right in the numbers. The only he could not have had a good game was to drop them...

Same kind of kudos were made about Stu Foord... put a season together (or even a string of 2 or 3 games) then we can all start jumping for joy.

Obviously it remains to be seen whether he can play that well week in and week out but he showed some strength fighting for the extra yards and obviously Bishop had some confidence going to him.

I don’t think Foord has had the ball in the open field since that first game. That’s where I was impressed with his play.

Getzlaf also beat his DB bad enough to draw a pass interference call that led to Hughes 2nd TD.